Sasural Simar Ka 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 19th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji asks jhanvi what is her opinion Sujata says this is not the time to be quiet jhanvi say what you want. Sujata says to everyone that i know you love jhanvi. Maybe shaureya is really remorseful over what he did. I beg you all to think once again.
Outside Meghna apologizes CM for the rude behavior of shaureya. CM says that you showed shaureya that anyone can apologize and be great. This saved the career of your sister. Shaureya says i realized my mistake. All i want now is just a second chance.
Mata ji says to sujata that you have confused me. We are here talking about a guy like shaureya he is apologizing in front of whole society but i don’t want to believe him. jhanvi says i want to say something. Mata ji says yes we are listening. Jhanvi says i have lost the right to give my opinion much before. I took a decision of getting married to shaureya without telling my family. I am so remorseful over that i did. But a truth is that i always considered him my husband. And now i won’t be able to consider anyone else my husband. Don’t take me wrong but except shaureya i can’t marry anyone now.
Mata ji and whole family come out. Shaureya and meghna are tensed. Mata ji tells them that they are ready to allow shaureya marry jhanvi. Everyone is happy. But roli says to simar tht i still think there is something wrong. Meghna says thanks to them. Rajhinder says there is no need of that.

Scene 2
Shaureya and jhanvi take the seventh phera and they bow down to meghna. Sujata says to meghna that we are sad that we couldn’t accomplish all the wedding rituals. Meghna says when we will send her back to bharatwaj house you will accomplish all the rituals. Meghna says to mata ji that they will take jhanvi home for some rituals. Mata ji says as you wish.

Scene 3
Pari says to Achna that i am so worried about the shop i just have two days left. Shalu says you still care about the shop i am worried about them. Everone enters the house. Shalu asks mata ji why it took so long for you guys to come back. Where is jhanvi? Sujata says i will tell you everything. Sujata tells her all what happened there. Pari says all this happened and you people didn’t inform us ? We would have attended her wedding too. Sujata says that there is much less time how will i do all the arrangements. Mata ji says relax they will all be with you. Simar says we are with you Mata ji says everone must be tired. Do some rest.

Scene 4
Roli says to simar that jhanvi didn’t do good by wedding him. Simar says i don’t know there is some doubt in my heart too. Roli says all we can do is prayer. I wish shaureya keeps her happy. simar says she has seen so much grieves in her life. Now she should be happy.

Precap- Prem opens the door and jhanvi in tears is standing on the door. Everyone asks her why is she crying ? Shaureya comes and says maybe she was missing you all. Mata ji invites him in. He says no he will go now. He says he will never come back to get jhanvi from here. She will live here by now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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