Sasural Simar Ka 13th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 13th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikrant says I will munni or come here. You are my life simar. If I cant have you I will kill every woman here. would you like to see? Simar says no. He says come here. Daksha says go simar don’t worry we are not scared of him. Let me see whom can he kill and when will these men see us dying? their eyes will open some day. Their God only knows how to take lives not give any. Vikrant says shut up. Simar come here or I will kill munni. a woman says simar wont come to you. He shoves her. She says to her husband till now you used to hit me that was my fate but some unknown is hitting me now. I am ashamed to call you my husband. Husband should be like prem who came here to save his life. Vikrant says no one will sav you they are all my slaves and I am the God. Go and grasps all fur of them. The men go and arrest all of them. Vikrant says your game is over simar. I will marry you right here, right now. In front of prem I will make you mine. Prem says I will kill you even if touch her. Roli says stay in your limits. Vikrant says I pity you. Vikrant summons Pandit and says I marry her right now. He says go bind the three of them they should witness the wedding. Ravan will get seta today.

Leela comes and says that never happened and neither will. She points a gun at Vikrant. She says leave them all or I will kill you. Vikrant says gun doesn’t look good in the hands that should wear bangles. They killed your dad. Leela says you are responsible for my dad’s death. Champa and her child died because of you. Now if someone has to die it will be you. Daksha says kill him leela. Leela recalls her dying dad. She recalls champa screaming. She fires a shot everyone is bewildered. vikrant holds her hand up. The pistol falls of her hand. vikrant picks it and says its not that easy to kill me. He shoves her and says I can kill you right now. Leela stands up and says kill me. I am not scared of death. Daksha comes and says shoot me. All the women come and says kill us we are ready to die. Daksha says we all will sacrifice our lives but wont let you marry simar. Vikrant says why are you wasting my team? You couldn’t stop me in the factory as well. He shoves the women and reach simar. Simar says aren’t you ashamed of calling yourself men? this evil is hitting your women in front of your eyes and you are all still. roli says where is your manhood now? prem says the men who cant protect their wife cant do anything. Vikrant says no one can stop me now.

Vikrant orders the men to bind them. They bind roli, sid and prem. Vikrant grasps simar’s hands. Simar says leave me. Some men bring pandit ji. Vikrant says you are blessed to do my wedding. start the wedding. Pandit ji gets the fire ready. Simar says why don’t you end this test God. I cant bear this injustice anymore. She says leave my hand. the women come forward. Vikrant says I will kill your husbands and kids if you move forward. Pandit ji says come forward vikrant. prem says pandit ji siamr is my wife. Let her go. vikrant says you should only hear me pandit ji. He takes simar near the wedding fire. Vikrant sits there with simar. Sid says stop this vikrant. Pandi ji starts the wedding. Vikrant says I will kill all three of them if you try to be smart simar. Pandit starts the mantra. Simar is crying and beseeching for help. Daksha says you menw ill be written in history for being shameless. Look at these women they stopped to save your lives. Aren’t you ashamed? Look at your God he is making fun of humanity. Vikrant says why are you shouting? they are mu puppets they will do as I ask them. Daksha says if he married your wife would you stay quite? Vikrant laughs.

The men start unroping roli prem and sid. He says go and save you wife we are all with you. Prem goes to vikrant and throws pandit ji away. Prem says vikrant.All them get vikrant. Vikrant points a gun at all of them. Simar says my faith won vikrant. Once again God has been justified.

Precap-vikrant says in ramayan ram got seta but this is my world no one can take you from me. your dead body will go out of here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. when gvn a chnc simar etc must leave…n by dng dis over action d other party wil obviously take d grip of the situation…u wanna be called g8 right???so now enjy being suffered …

  2. hi simar im ypur great fan keep on going like this and its best show on colors I wish that this shownever ends

  3. You are correct ayesha

  4. Aap koi aur serial start kar dijiye.. Pls pls pls

  5. I think that they should stop this ramyana thing now !! Actually its a disgrace to ramayana because they show things which is not included in it !!! Ravana was actually a good king but he never had bad intentions about sita like said in the story !!! And this story is actually stupid for everything their solution is saying mata rani !! U should have faith in god but not everything is in his hand .. just because u sit near the temple without eating or anything nothing can be done and these stories are unrealistic whenever simar and prem meets after along time the closed windows of the bharadwaj family opens !i don’t understand what this writers are trying to prove here

  6. I second you chichi

  7. dats d crap vch they wanna shw d viewers dat smthng gona hapen when those windws open by themselves wr nthng’z gona hapen ,,,
    they shld clse d mater asap n get married(simar,prem) widot dng OA n gvng long bhashan’s

  8. villages is the bone of India but this serial shown that all the villagers are slaves
    especially men were no power is this true in India? any body can tell me one thing i should tell all the villagers (incl men and women) are slaves and fools
    at the same all the people living in cities are clever and braveries
    The writter want to create some image sceans for prem simar sid and rolli
    because most of the people were started to support vikranth and surbi and
    scolding prem and simar so that only the writter wantedly create vikranth
    was too bad prem and simar were gods to create some good image for them

  9. highly irritating to see this episode..i never hear such a probles like bharadwaj family faced…but in the past episodes some interesting are there..but this vikranth sunaina track is very idiotic ….and it puts an end to see serial…

  10. Serial became too messy…….why ramanyan in between? Please end thus as soon as possible

  11. Omg this is just getting out of hand now!! The nonsense is crossing all limits! o.o

  12. the rama sita thing is just stupid. indian shhhh

  13. i dont believe in all that anyway its just stupid

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