Sasural Simar Ka 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 12th November 2013 Written Update

scene 1
Sujata says to simar that i won’t ever talk to you again. Jhanvi says i am responsible for all this. Simar tries to stop her. Jahnvi goes to mata ji and says that they were doing this all for me. So i can get justice. She tells them everything how shaureya betrayed her. They wed and he left her Mata ji slaps her. And says you were so blind in his love that you married him. You strained our family name and we were so proud of you. Mata ji is so loud. Sujata says i used to be proud on you. do you know you made your life a joke. jhanvi says i know all this and i am repentant over that. I apologize you all for this. I am so remorseful. Jhanvi says i loved him and he made me realize that he loves me too. I never thought that will be a joke. Sid and prem says we won’t leave him Rajinder stops them and says don’t be emotional and make mistake again. We have to talk o them . Simar says i talked to them i went to meghna’s house with jhanvi. She said plain no. And shaureya said he never married her. roli says so we have a way to teach him. simar says we have to break the rules to break their pride. Mausi ji says meghna i so proud of her wealth so we pretend to be soniya obroye. perm says she is my friend. Sid says she is my boss. Roli said i become soniya and i became her secretary. Simar says roli won the heart of shaureya and meghna. Meghna now wants to get shaureya married withh roli i mean soniya. Everyone is dazed. Mausi ji says yes this is our plan.We will insult them in front of their guests.
Chachi ji says you know what will happen if they get to know. Prem says meghna can sue you for cheating. Roli says no now she can’t be talking about this in public. It about her name. Sujata says that is this a game ? this is about my daughter’s life and truth is that Jhanvi has married shaureya and now she is his life partner. Mata ji says sujata what are you talking about ? That wedding was just a joke. i am not in favor of divorce but jhanvi has her life in front of her. Would you like her to be with this relation whole of her life. In front of the same society he will accept that he married her. He doesn’t deserve jhanvi.. I know roli simar and choti you always do better for this house. Mata ji says that if you thinks their is no other way then okay i am with you and since this problem is related to the respect of our family that’s why i would like to have your consent. Rajinder says yes i am with you mata ji and so does everyone. Sujata leaves in anger. Rajinder says don’t worry about her she is taking all this as a mom. She will understand..
Mata ji says to janvi that you are not alone we are all with you, you will get justice. your family will be with you.

Scene 2
SId is thinking something in his room. roli hugs him from back and asks are you angry ? Sid says no i am not. It is proved that you can go to anything for my family. Thankyou for all you are doing for my sister.
There simar says to prem that the way of truth is not easy. men like shaureya should get the punishment. A woman’s respectis her pride.
Sid says to roli that i am with you in this plan. Sid says but my roli will sit in wedding hall with someone else in bridal suit. Roli hugs him and says we have no other way. Sid says maybe you are right.

Precap- Everyone says to roli that this is our las t day we have to give our best, sujata says to jhanvi that you still have time think you want divorce or not

Update Credit to: Atiba

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