Sasural Simar Ka 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali gets sanju ready. SHe says in heart be happy sanju but I won’t let you become daughter of this house. Anjali says you look so pretty.
Everyone prepares for the wedding. Rajhinder says to Karan thank you for helping us. He says there should be someone from Samir’s side. Anjali brings sanju downstairs. Arav goes to bring samir. Simar says my daughter looks so pretty,. Anjali sits with sanju. Arav comes back and says samir is not in his room. Simar says call him. Arav says his phone is off. Everyone is dazed.
Samir comes home. He says I had something important. I will change and come back. SImar says what is more important than your wedding. Is everything okay? Samir says come in. His family’s shagun. He says my mom called. She was mad at me. She has sent all this shagun.

The wedding starts. They make each other wear the garlands. Sanju and samir follow all the rituals. Pandit ji says bride’s father or brother will tie the knot. SImar says they are not here. Pari says any of us can do that. SAnju says my mom will do it. You are both my mom and dad. Simar ties their knot.
Simar is about to tie samir’s wrist a red thread. She sees its already there. Simar says who did this? He says mom asked me to. We have to do this pooja before wedding. I went to temple. Anjali says tie on that thread mom. Simar ties him the thread.

SAmir and sanju take rounds around fire. SAnju is happy. Pandit ji says fill her hairline and make her wear mangalsutra. SAmir fills her hairline and makes her wear mangal sutra.

Scene 2
At night, samir comes to his room. He says it was such a hectic day. He sees bride on the bed. He says you are here, the tiredness doesn’t matter. He takes off the ghughat. Its anjali instead of sanju. SAmir is dazed.
He recalls anjali said you have to marry me. He said are you mad? why do you want to do that? She said you have to. You don’t have another option, Samir said in heart the reason is property so it doesn’t matter to me.

Anjali went to temple to get married. Roshni went there. But left. After that samir and anjali got married. Samir says okay wife. Mataji is coming there. They are taking sanju to samir’s room.
Mataji says samir told me he is gonna give sanju a surprise. They come to room. No one is there. anjali hides behind the curtain. Samir comes out of washroom. Mataji says samir and sanju you both are starting a new life. Promise me you will stand by each other. Samir says I always will be with her. He holds sanju’s hand. Simar says God bless you.

Precap-Roshni says to Piyush Sanju is in trouble. Samir and anjali are doing something against her. SHe is dazed. Roshni says give me sometime. Samir makes sanju eat a sweet. SHe faints after that. Anjali says sleep my sister, your real life will be worse than hell now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Disgusting

  2. Worst part is people will lose the faith in relations.

  3. Mona146

    how much they will degrade anjali? They say family values and unity and keep that KB n anjali always at home and invite troubles.

  4. roshni ko aur kitna nicha dkathe hai we want roshini and piyush and prem back and is ananya tho kuch aur hi nikla

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