Sasural Genda Phool 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishan Searches Titli

Sasural Genda Phool 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan thinks he needs to find out Titli’s location to get back his wallet. Rano, Rani, Disha, Ishika, and Mithi walk to him and ask if Dr. Avni Awasthi was in his school. He says yes. They ask if he knows her family well. He says yes. They insist to fix his alliance with her. He says its nonsense as he met Anvi after school only twice now and doesn’t know if she is married. They all says she was but is a divorcee now. Ilesh says they will get a free doctor for Dadaji. Ishan calms down. Rano says then they will take his shagun to Anvi’s house. Ishan denies. They all insist to agree. He agrees and says he wants to meet with Anvi personally first. Rano says he shouldn’t do any mistake this time. He says no. They all walk away planning his wedding. Ishan thinks he should find Titli first and get back his wallet.

Deva orders Titli to play carrom with her. Titli thinks he wants to drain her brain. Deva says she needs to repay his 25 lakhs loan in 3 months and lost a big chance when she returned stolen jewelry. She says she is his disciple and will manage somehow. He asks her to stop stealing small items and steal something big. Ishan searches Titli in her area. Titli’s supporters surround him. He warns them to move aside and says he will catch Titli at any cost. Titli gets well in a beautiful sari to catch a rich prey. Her friend gets mesmerized with her beauty. She explains her situation. He offers to help her. She denies and walks away.

Ishan returns home. Family takes him to terrace to meet Anvi. They both feel nervous, Anvi says he was about to go. They insist her to have tea. Ishan says his family will not let her go without having tea. She says they are good. Rano serves them tea and fritters/pakoda. They both chat. Ishika takes Ishan aside and suggests him to take Avni out and have golgappas. He agrees and takes her out. They enjoy golgappa. Anvi says she is seeing him normal for the first time. An old romantic song plays on radio. Ishan says dadaji sings that song for daadi and describes their love story. She says they are so romantic. He says he never saw them fighting in real.

Titli visits a jewelry shop and after diverting sales girl’s attention with her jokergiri speaking in Japanese and steals a diamond bracelet. Another salesman says bracelet is missing. She asks if they think she stole it and creates drama. Manager insists to check her threating to call police else. She agrees and after checking continues her drama and walks away. She then disguised as courier boy returns and remembering hiding bracelet under the table walks away stealing it back. She passes in between Ishan and Anvi, steals Anvi’s debit card and then returns it and walks away winking at Ishan. Ishan stands fuming.

Precap: Badimaa asks Ishan if there is girl in his life. Ishika says impossible. Ishan catches Titli and warns her to return his wallet by tomorrow. She gets back his wallet from Deva and showing Suhana’s pic asks if he was his wallet back for this pic.

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