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Scene 1:
Location: Police station
The aunt comes to meet him, while he is depressed. she says that she is with him, as she is with him. he says that he doesnt care, as what has happened is right. she says that it isnt right, but he shouldnt have married sarojini, and its good he got rid of her, and asks him not to worry, as she shall do whatever it takes to get him out. she says that they cant hold him, as there is no evidence to implicate him in this. then he suddenly remembers of the video of that day, which is still in his phone. she is tensed and says that she shall retrive it asap. she hurriedly leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Nirjhara is distraught, unable to believe his betrayal, while others are tensed. bhaskar says that he is very mean. granny says that she was always suspicious of his highly amiable nature. dadaji asks them to let bygones be so, and now they should move on. the doorbell rings, and sarojini opens to find the aunt standing. she is tensed. sarojini asks that its vain, if she came here to plead mercy for rishab. the aunt says that she has no such hope, but she is embarassed, at what he did. they are tensed. she says that she feels guilty, and hence called granny, to narrate this to her, and she has come only to take the bags, and promises that she shall never see them again. sarojini says that their bags are packed, and she can take them. the aunt comes in and says that she merely wanted to penance, and hence she kept a puja, and gives them prashad, for the same. they all take it resignedly. sarojini too takes it, when she gives it to her, on soumu’s name. but before she cant eat, the winds blow, and soumu’s pic falls on the floor. she leaves it aside, and hurriedly goes to pick it up. Meanwhile, the aunt thinks that there is noone around, and that this is right time, to serach for his phone, and erase the evidence. outside, granny points out that she hasnt come out yet. sarojini leaves to check. the aunt is frnatically searching for his phone, when she feels someone’s hand on her shoulder, and finds sarojini standing behind her. she is tensed. Sarojini is boggled, and asks whats she looking for. she makes some excuse, and adds that she came here for ishab’s phone. sarojini says that if she finds it, she shall return it back. the aunt thinks that everyone has eaten her sedative laced med, and her plan seems to be working. she remembers how she had instructed her man, to get rishab’s phone in the night. he says that it isnt as easy as it seems, as he doesnt know about the house. she says that she shall handle it, and ensure that noone bothers him. she gives him half payment too for the same. sarojini meanwhile, comes back with the bags. the aunt takes it and leaves.

Later, in the night, the aunt’s guy comes, and stealthily rushes inside the room, to retrieve rishab’s phone. while sarojini is asleep, she instintively feels someone’s presence inside the house. she comes out, while he is oblivious of her lruking presence in the corridor, and goes around searching for the phone. she coems in the room, and switches on the light, but doesnt see anyone, except for an open almirah. she doesnt realise that he is hiding behind the almirah. she closes the door, and goes out. he breathes a sigh of relief, and gets back to searching, till she finally finds it. he opens the door happily, and confronts sarojini. she says that she went intentionally, so that he could come out, and now that he is caught, he should spill out who sent him. he asks her not to be oversmart, or else it shall cost her. she asks him to tell clearly, who is he here for. before he can pull her away, she tries to close the door, but he comes out. a tussle ensues, and the phone falls down. he rushes down the stairs, while she goes to dadaji’s room, and everyone else, but noone wakes up. she is boggled, as to why arent they waking up. she rushes back yet again.

Meanwhile, the thief finds his way out, and then meets the aunt in the garden. she asks for the phone, and he says that he dropped it, as sarojini saw him. she is disgusted. he says that the phone was completely destroyed. she asks if he is sure. he says that he threw it from a great height, and is sure. he leaves. she thinks that all the evidence is destroyed and now she wouldnt be able to find anything.

Meanwhile, inside, sarojini remembers the phone in his hand, and wonders if he was a thief, why did he comes only after the phone, and thinks that there is definitely something, and rushes to the place where the phone has fallen. she assembles the phone back together, somehow, and then, sarojini sees the video, wherein the aunt was talking to someone on the phone, while rishab is instructing her not to talk and drive. she sees that its the same day that soumu was killed, and how, being inside the car, with rishab, stopped him, from going out, and helping him, as they shall be implicated unnecessarily. she is shocked and aghast, seeing that rishab is nowhere at fault.

Scene 3:
Location: Police station
Rishab stands, while the aunt hurriedly comes in. she reprimands the police for their careless work. she says that she had told them to call her here. The aunt asks sarojini what she means. she shows the aunt a video. the aunt is shocked. sarojini says that she knows about her overdriving, and that she herself has ben a victim. she says that she has the ego of money and considers herself superior, but the law is above anything else, and she cant buy the truth. the aunt asks her to shut up, as she isnt here to listen to her nonsense. she says that she shall have to, as its the pain if the person, whose husband she snatched. she says that she is a woman, but doesnt have the heart of one, as if she ahd, she wouldnt have left soumu for dead, and had she shown some mercy, soumu would have been alive andsafe, and for her recklessness, she ruined her and her family’s life. she says that accidents happen, but she left him for dead, after the accident, and hence its a murder. she says that she snatched her husband, and betrayed rishab, and god knows, what and how she shall be punished, but she hopes she get it stringent. she asks the police if the evidence is enough to take her to custody. the police inspects the video. rishab says that he wants to take the blame for her, as he too was with her. sarojini says that the law wont allow this, and then asks why he wants to do this. he says that she is like his mother, and hence he cant do this to her. sarojini asks if a mother does what she did. he is boggled. she explains how the aunt only ratted him out, and then finds the aunt sitting silently, and asks if this is true. she stays silent. rishab is aghast to know the reality too, that she was after all this, and asks why she did this. she says that it was necessary, as he got swept away, and was bent on ruining her completely. they both are shocked. The aunt says that he had fallen in love with the girl, and forgotten all their plans, and went on to help the family, and asks what would she have done, gotten ruined, as she couldnt have afforded that. she says that she found it befitting, that he goes to jail. he says that he considered her a mother. sarojini says that the truth had to come out, as the lord wanted her to be punished, since she even betrayed her own nephew. the police asks for her to be taken into custody. the aunt takes the inspector’s pistol in disgust and aims at sarojini. they are all shocked to see this. the screen freezes on saeojini’s shocked face.

Precap: The aunt points a pistol at sarojini, and says that she spoiled her plan, and she says that she might go to jail, but she wont spare her. he comes in between, and asks her not to do this. she asks him to step aside. as he complies, she tells sarojini that she wont be spared now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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