Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Sargam plans to electrocute Aparshakti once again

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chedilal tries to make Appu remember by showing him the wedding photos with Sargam, Appu asks if he got married to this sister, Sargam gets mad saying that he should think as he can see that they were married with all the rituals, Chedilal turning the photo shows him the photo of Sargam’s mother calling her mogambo, Sargam gets shocked asking papa what is he saying, he responds it is only to make Appu remember, he asks Sargam if her mothers name is mogambo, Grandfather explains that he kept that name of her, and even a lot other names, Sargam then asks him to not listen to anything which they both are saying, she herself calls her mother with names after which Chedilal immediately stops her, she however says that she is trying to make him remember.

Asha enters the house, he tries to act as if he is having difficulty breathing, Chedilal at first says that he has thrown his wife out of the house then why is he still calling his mother-in-law, Asha reveals he is having difficulty breathing, worrying Chedilal who thinks he is having an asthma attack, they all rush to him leaving Appu, Asha then acts as if he is in severe pain then orders Appu top help his brother and bring the medicine from his room, Appu rushes to the room then Grandfather also gets up but realizing that he is acting of being disabled and says that Appu has gone to get the medicine, Asha gets up and sits on the chair relaxing, Sargam and Chedilal ask what is he doing, he says that he was just acting to prove that Appu is acting because if Appu cannot remember that he has been married to her then how did he come to know that Asha’s room is upstairs and the place where they have kept the medicine which has not been used for ages, Sargam and Chedilal both start believing him.

Eklawya listen to their conversation from behind the stairs and even calls Asthik and Alukik, the three of them come outside and start praising Asha in a loud voice mentioning that his plan to catch Aparshakti is really good, Appu while coming back on the stairs listens to their warning, Asha comes to the three of them mentioning how he knows Appu would not come down because the three of them have warned him as they are his well-wishers, Asha holds their hands and slaps the three of them.

He exclaims that he is not that stupid, then mentions to Chedilal that if Appu doesnot remember then why did he leave him dying and rush upstairs, Asha explains they should all go and see what he is doing, Alukik once again yells saying that they are coming upstairs which angers Asha who runs to beat them, Alukik, Eklawya and Asthik block the door of the room, Asha however pushes them aside and heads into the room but they do not find Appu, Asha warns him to come outside which is when they hear Appu calling the doctor.

The entire Awasthi family rush to the roof, Appu is asking the entire society if there is a doctor because there is someone dying in their house, Chedilal asks Asha if he still believes that Appu is acting as he is doing so much for him even when he doesnot remember him, Appu hears the statement and then once again starts shouting asking the community to come and help the person, Sargam calls Appu who turns but then acts as if he is coughing, Alukik and Eklawya call him, he turns then going to Asha exclaims that he is relieved that Asha is okay because he was pleading for his health from the community calling to a doctor, Alukik reveals that he has also lost his common sense because how can the doctors come after yelling and they have to call him, Asthik questions Asha for not believing such an honest person who cares so much for him and he thought that Appu was acting, the entire family gets angry with him and leaves, Asha exclaims that Appu has been saved this time but now he would take the revenge from him.

Sargam asks Asha is he is actually telling the truth, Asha says that she can try the remedy and if it is not successful then she can change his name, she rushes to call Chedilal who asks if Appu remembered something, Sargam explains that Asha quoted a reascher in Australia who said to recreate the same incident and it would cure the memory loss, Chedilal asks if they have to give him a shock once again, Asha reveals that they should for the same time being, Chedilal also says that he saw a movie in which the hero was thrown of the roof and when he was thrown the second time his memory came back, Asthik and Eklawya try to reason that it was a movie and not the real incident, Sargam is however adamant to get back her Appu at any cost.

Sargam and Chedilal along with Asha take Appu outside the house on the wheelchair, they are adamant to get him electrocuted however Appu tries to reason with them but Sargam mentions that he cannot remember anything so they have to do it, Asha mentions they forgot the flowers and so the three of them rush back inside, Appu immediately gets up saying that he is fine and pleads with Grandfather to help him, Alukik however asks if he can take the handicap, Grandfather asks for the camera stand and Eklawya also asks for his mobile, Appu inquires what kind of dreams do they have, he sits on the wheelchair as they have come back.

Chedilal orders Asha, Eklawya and Asthik to go and check if the main switch is lit, the three of them are worried because if Appu gets electrocuted then they would be in a lot of trouble, Eklawya asks if then can tell the truth but Asthik reveals how if it happens then Chedilal would scold them and Sargam would also not let Appu live, they then rush to finish the plan.

Sargam and Asha are trying to electrocute Appu when he mentions how he has started to remember and takes the name of Sargam, he even recognizes his father and that they are Awasthi however when Sargam asks about the special day, he cannot remember which is when they once again plan to electrocute him, Appu finally reveals that he was acting because he could not remember the anniversary, Sargam reveals that they have known all along because this is the only day which was not special but has now become and they would celebrate the day when he got electrocuted, Alukik asks if they would electrocute him, Chedilal and Asha start laughing, Appu apologizes so Sargam turns, Appu really gets electrocuted, Sargam along with the family do not believe him at first but get worried when Alukik reveals that the switch might have been left on.

Precap: Chedilal says that the customer would not buy anything even today, Sargam says she feels the customer doesnot want to buy anything, She points that the customer wants to make Alukik her boyfriend, Alukik asks her for the contact number, Asha exclaims that she would surely slap him and Eklawya reveals that modern girls keep pepper spray in their bags, the girls puts her hand in the bag Appu worries if she is actually reaching for pepper spray.

Update Credit to: Sona

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