Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sargam sees her mother in law in her dream

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 21st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sargam is checking the list wondering what she has bought, Asha comes so she asks where are the groceries after which Asha says that he has given the list to Asthik, and he also comes asking for tea, Asha exclaims he asked him to bring the groceries so he says that he gave the list to Eklawya who was going to study at his friends house and he will bring it while coming back because he is the only one responsible in this house other than him which is why he gave the list to him and not Alukik who is really stupid, Alukik taking out asks if he is talking of the list because Eklawya gave it to him explaining that he should give it to Asthik and say that he was not going to his friend’s house.

Chedilal coming from behind exclaims that this means no one has gone to the market, he asks why are they so lazy and force Sargam to do all the chores even when she is doing it all for the Brasi of their mother which is tomorrow, Alukik also remembers it when Chedilal standing in front of the portrait of his late wife questions why did she leave him with the battalion of sons who are useless, he also turning to Sargam asks why has the frame not been changed till now, she replies that Aparshakti has gone to buy it and will come really soon, Appu comes to Sargam asking why did she think he would forget such an important and he knows that he is stupid but did not forget their long drive anniversary, Sargam gets nervous hearing about the anniversary because this was the same day when they went on a long drive five years ago so he asks if they should also go because he even brought the keys of the Goldi’s bike, she asks if he went to get the keys so he replies, Chedilal asks if her brought the photo frame which he was asked to bring, Appu asks when did she ask him, Sargam says she told him in the morning however he says that he will bring it and there is nothing to worry about, Chedilal leaves in anger.

Sargam while cleaning the house exclaims that the worries of Chedilal are really troublesome because the house is really a mess, how long would she take care of everything by herself and prays that if any of the brother had a wife her problem would be reduced, she however wonders who would marry because Asha has ruined a beautiful married life and Asthik vowed to not get married, the only one left is Alukik but seeing how he no one would even dare to marry their daughters to him, Eklawya is the only one left however he is young so if they force him then might get thrown in jail, she is talking when the television turns on and a women exclaims there is nothing to worry because Sargam is right so she has finally come back, Sargam walks to the television wondering who turned it one and then shuts it off, she leaves not noticing that the television ahs tuned on once again and the women is her dead mother in law who exclaims that Sargam must not worry because she has come back once again.

Chedilal in the shop is scolding Asthik questions why did he not bring the full payment when the customer even took a three percent discount, Asthik explains that he was about to when he received a text in his mobile from the Guru jee who advised everyone to wash the feet of three animals so he washed the feet of a cow and Buffalo but was not able to find the third because of which he had to leave, Chedilal says he could have washed his feet, he sits back exclaiming why his wife left him alone with their children saying that he sometimes feels to walk in the Himalayas alone, he sits looking out the window when he sees his wife and so walks to wear the slippers.

Asthik asks his brothers to run and stop Chedilal because he is really going to the mountains when they do not move however Asthik says that he has not yet signed the property papers, they all rush to stop Chedilal who reveals that he is not going to the Himalayas and has seen their mother, they do not believe him even Asha decides to call the lawyer but Chedilal gets angry, Appu also comes saying that he has brought the new frame in which they can place the old photo, he asks what are they doing standing on the road when they reveal that Chedilal is getting mad.

Chedilal is in the house drinking water and is really tensed, Sargam says that he might be mistaken because their mother cannot be alive however Chedilal says that he also saw her last time and even Asha saw her to, Sargam asks if they would tell the truth or does she have to in form him, Chedilal getting tensed asks what does she mean, she reveals that when the last time he saw their mother it was all a fake, Asha and Appu planned it all because he was not agreeing on purchasing a new water geyser so they created a scene, Chedilal getting mad scolds them asking why did they had to create such a scene for a water geyser because he might have gotten a heart attack, Asha says that they also risked their lives because the old geyser used to give electric shocks which was really troublesome, Alukik reveals it was because of that he stopped taking a shower and now feels nice when he is dirty. Chedilal wonders why his wife left him with such idiot children, Grandfather says that children are like their parents and since his daughter in law was nice, they are all like Chedilal, he leaves in anger.
Alukik seeing the photo of his mother wonders why he is getting the vibes that the prank which they played the last time is about to become a truth, Appu exclaims that he always talks nonsense and leaves.

The entire family is performing the pooja, Chedilal starts talking with his wife exclaiming that she has left a family and they all are always there for each other, he mentions that he still has pain in his back but there is nothing to worry about, Grandfather is not able to attend the bathroom however there is no problem, Asha is still stuck in the twelfth grade and not able to pass it but still there is no problem, Asthik still believes in the nonsense guru but everything is fine and Appu still believes that he is an actor even when this is not the case however there is nothing to worry about, Chedilal however says he has no problem with the youngest son because he always comes first in his class so he happy, he turns to Sargam that she is her daughter in law who has held their family together and he doesnot know if they would be a family without her.

Sargam also talks with her mother-in-law exclaiming that she ahs not met her but knows she was always there for everyone and so desires to be just the five percent of a women what she was and then she would be happy, Chedilal asks Alukik to take the Bough upstairs and feed the crow, Alukik takes it to his crow however the plate is empty just when he turns, seeing which he feels their mother has returned.

Sargam is tried so comes to sit on the bed, Appu comes beside her explaining that she needs to rest , Sargam replies she has just now promised to be like her mother in law and he is asking her to sleep, Appu replies that even his mother used to sleep, he asks her to put her head over his shoulder while he would massage her feet, she sleeps and in the dream sees her mother in law calling to her, Sargam wakes up after being scared, Appu questions what has happened, she replies that she has just seen her mother in law, Appu however says that it will have been just a dream, Alukik also coming down the stairs says that it was not just a dream because their mother has come back, Appu orders him to shut up, he stands but is perplexed to see Appu massaging her, Sargam moves away, Alukik reveals that when he placed the Bough someone ate the entire plate and since the crow can only hit with his beak how come the entire plate was empty.

Precap: Sargam is with her mother in law who explains to Sargam that the elder of the house really depressed, Sargam says to the brothers that she desires to get Chedilal married however Asha says it cannot happen as he still loves their mother, Sargam questions Chedilal if he is sad, he replies that he is all alone because his wife has left him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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