Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Baba gets furious when Sargam calls him a fake

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 19th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sargam says that they would perform the wedding quietly, Appu also agrees with Sargam saying that she is right and if they do it with all the rituals then they would lose their dignity, Baba je says that they can do anything which they want so why are they ruining his time because he has to solve the problems of a lot of people, Alukik asks if there are others who are supposed to be married so suggests that they hold a collective marriage and they can all come with their buffalos, Baba asks from which planet did he come because he speaks a lot, their family photo also falls and breaks seeing which Baba says that the ruining of the family has started, Chedilal gets scared so says that they would perform the wedding with all the rituals, he doesnot even listen to Sargam which delights Baba who says that he should first prepare for the Sangeet and also call the bride. Chedilal asks the auspicious time but the baba is convinced that they should first prepare for the Sangeet.

In the morning Chedilal and Asthik are distributing the cards, Asthik asks what is the need so Chedilal says that he should not worry as he would distribute two hundred and fifty cards on his wedding, they go to a house but it is locked when they see Gupta, Chedilal gets worried and he says he heard there is a wedding and if he is short on money then he should also sell his second shop because the cheque is ready, Chedilal getting mad explains that he is the person who fights the problems and would also win and buy back the shop which he sold to him, he would also buy all the shops in their lane, eh even gives a card, then they go to a shop where he starts talking to the shop owner when Asthik sees Bubbly who starts to get romantic with him, he gets nervous when Chedilal invites them all to the wedding.

In the house the worker asks if the buffalo would hit him, Grandfather says nothing would happen because it is her wedding, he says that the would be getting her married to a cow however they reveal that she is about to be married to Aparshakti who is their elder brother, Appu comes asking Sargam what dress should he wear, she suggests the Maroon colour but Sushmita gets mad, Alukik says that she doesnot like the Maroon colour and he should then wear the golden colour, Sargam asks if he is not seeing how angry she is but Alukik says she must also allot Sushmita to enjoy, Appu orders him to shut up and leaves when the decorator says that the choice of buffalo is better then Sargam however he goes to change.

The reporters reach outside the house and explain they have heard about the second marriage but in the society a young man has given his heart to a buffalo and is going to marry her, he asks Chedilal what was the reason behind it and if they are invited, Asthik reveals they have not gotten the card after which they rush inside the house, Appu asks how did they get the wedding card, Eklawya is worried about what would he do as the wedding news would spread like a fire after which his friends would make fun of him, Sargam asks Asthik to shut the windows so the reporters at least are not able to see the wedding.

Chedilal asks from baba je if he did not talk with the reporters because they do not know who called them, Baba asks if they have prepared for the wedding and starts asking if they brought the sarree for the bride, Chedilal says that he has also placed eleven rupees at which baba says that he should place some more so Chedilal places one hundred, Baba then asks him to place five thousand in the other thali hearing which Chedilal falls because of nervousness and even Grandfather asks if he should get up but then finally places the money in the thali.

Sargam is in the kitchen really worried when Eklawya comes who says that he also feels the Baba is fake because he also gave the solution to the person and he lost all his hair, Sargam mentions he has brought the right evidence so now they would reveal the truth, Sargam going out explains that the Baba is really auspicious and she ahs gotten a video of on of his fan so would show them, she shows the video to Chedilal and saying explains that the Baba if fake, he getting up explains that if she was clever then would have seen the video clearly because he told the person to wear the purple colour but he is wearing the wrong colour because of which the advice did not work, Baba explains that he would now stay in their house till the wedding ends and see to it that all; the rituals happen without any problem and if there is any problem then he would ie in the lodge, Alukik asks him to not die here because this is where they have tea, he warns them to not challenge his knowledge, Chedilal apologizes for what Sargam said explaining it is just because she cares a lot for them all, Chedilal then asks Sargam to not be worried because the Baba gave the solution because of which he got the order for a lot of saree and even Asha got members for his group which has not ever happened, he asks her to smile as he cannot see her so sad, she vows to not let the wedding happen.

Precap: Baba asks Sargam if she would not do anything to stop the wedding, Asthik also asks if she would do anything, Sargam exclaims what is the need to do anything when it is happening by itself, during the wedding Pinki jee exclaims that she has been ruined.

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