Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Appu agrees to marry Sushmita to end the problems in the family

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 16th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baba informs they would have to get Appu married once again and this is the only solution, everyone is worried, Chedilal asks the Baba what is he saying, Sargam calls Appu to come with her to the bedroom, he is following her, Asthik asks what kind of a solution is this, Eklawya asks if he should pay the three hundred rupees, he then suggests to call the baba at their house, Appu agrees to call the baba to their house.

Chedilal explains to the Baba that he might have been mistaken because he was not asking for Asthik who is not ready to marry and he was asking for the solution of Appu, Baba reveals that he was informing them about the Appu, Sargam says she would not allow Appu to get married once again while she is alive as she would remain with Appu for the rest of his seven lives, they all say that he would not get married to any other girl, Baba reveals that he is not supposed to be married to any girl, Asha suggests then he is talking of marrying her to the tree, Baba suggests that it is not the case and Appu must be married to a living thing, one which can walk and breathe, they do not understand, he says that Appu must be married to an animal, the entire Awasthi family starts guessing about the animal with which he must be married, Alukik suggests to get him married to a black snake, however the Baba then says that he must be married to a black Buffalo only then will the problems that are not only in his life but the lives of entire Awasthi family would end, Asha asks if he means to say that Seema left them because of Appu and that they are not able to get more sales in the shop because of him, Baba says that all these problems are because of him.

Sargam starts walking away saying that there is nothing of the sort and it is all just because of their wrong believes, which has nothing to do with reality, Baba stopping her exclaims that she is mistaken and her decision might not cause a lot of troubles for their family because if Appu is not married within the next three days then the entire family would have to face the consequences the rest of their lives, Sargam however asks him to go so he leaves.

Sargam turns to find the entire family standing who one by one reveal that they desire to get Appu married if it is the only way by which the problems can end, Sargam even looks to Chedilal and Grandfather who all favour the marriage, she leaves after exclaiming that nothing is right, Chedilal says that they must seek permission from Sargam because if she doesnot permit then the marriage cannot happen.

In the night at the dinner table Grandfather says that after Seema they got a chance of happiness which has also gone, Asha also says that he has decided to not fill the form of twelve grade, Grandfather also says that it is the right thing because he will also fail, Chedilal also explains they would not be able to find out anything and Asha would always fail, Asthik would not ever marry, Sargam comes asking what are they doing because if they all remain sad like this how would they be able to live like this.

Asha explains that he accidentally sent the message to the Baba that they are ready, Sargam asks him to send another message saying that they are not ready and it was a mistake, he is about to send it when Appy gets a call from the producer who reveals that he ahs been finalized as the hero of a movie, Appu reveals the good news to Chedilal saying that he gave the audition two months ago and he has been selected after just agreeing to marry the buffalo, Sargam allows them explaining they can move forward if they actually believe it would help, Grandfather says that the only thing left now is to find a buffalo, Chedilal reveals he already has one which even stayed at their house for two days, he says that it is Sushmita.

Chedilal along with grandfather go to the barn, praising the person for accepting t meet the at such short notice, he mentions that he was waiting for this moment for a long time, he calls his daughter Aishwarya to bring water for them, they ask who is he calling because they thought her name was Sushmita, he explains that he has two daughters, Aishwarya walks out of the door, Asthik gets scared seeing her huge size and so takes two steps back, Chedilal is with the owner, he explains that he desires they forget the things of the past and make a new relation amongst their family, Chedilal says that he has taken the words out of his mouth. This is what they came for, Bangilal jee reveals that even though his daughter is a little fat but there is nothing to worry about because she has joined the gym and yoga so would soon become fit, Chedilal getting tensed asks if he is sure that she would not hit with her leg during the performing of circles at the marriage.

Bangilal jee comes to sit with Chedilal asking what is he talking about because why would Aishwarya hit anyone, Chedilal says that he is talking about Sushmita, Bangilal je getting up exclaims that this cannot happen, Chedilal asks what is the reason, he replies what would the society say about him when he has married his buffalo before his own daughter, Chedilal asks if there is any way, Bangilal je mentions that if he agrees to marry his two sons with his two daughters, Chedilal agrees to marry Asthik with Aishwarya, he however declines which worries Bangilal je, Chedilal says that he is declining now but after Appu marries Sushmita he would agree, Asthik is standing tensed, Aishwarya coming says that Sushmita would be tied in the hall while she would be in his arms after they both are married.

Chedilal says to Sargam that when they agreed to get Appu married, Chedilal says that he got the order from the supplier who offered him twelve percent discount, Asha gets thrilled saying that this would mean they attain a profit of more then eighty thousand on a single order, Eklawya advises them to keep it a secret because if his friends found out they would make fun of him, Sargam also says that if her mothers friends found out then everything would be ruined, Appu assures that it would be a top secret when there is a knock on the door, Chedilal says there is nothing to worry about ordering Appu to open it, he opens and Pinki jee enters with her mother.

Her mother exclaims that she got really tensed after hearing about the second marriage and thought that Chedilal je was marrying again but got relaxed knowing they are talking of Appu, Pinki jee coming to Sargam asks why did she accept the marriage of Appu with a buffalo however Sargam and Chedilal try to say it is just a rumour, they are startled to hear the voice of drums, Baba je comes with the drummers blessing Appu and mentions that of the thirty six points their thirty three points match in the Kundali, Pinki jee hearing the name Sushmita calms down thinking that it is the name of a women, Baba je clarifies that the name is of a buffalo. Chedilal tries to reason with him saying that they are trying to keep it hidden because Sargam doesnot like it, Baba jee exclaims they would have to fulfil all the rituals in a wedding only then will it be successful.

Precap: Baba jee warns that if they do not get married within the next two days then it would cause tremendous problems for them, Chedilal asks him to find the suitable time for the marriage, Sargam vows to do everything she can to stop the wedding, Appu is performing the circles with the buffalo.

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