Saraswatichandra 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 6th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yash’s mum asking Badimaa how did she break her strike. Everyone ask Saras what he did that Badimaa agreed with him. Badimaa says I was not agreeing, he forced me saying if you don’t eat, I will also strike, so I had to eat. Vidyachatur hugs Saras. Kalika looks on and thinks lie on lie, I will tell the truth to everyone soon. Kusum comes to Danny saying I need my charger. She says I have to go to mandir and pray for Didi. Danny says I will get ready, then we will go. She says no, I will stay in the mandir after the puja, you take rest, I will go. Danny says fine, I will make tea, you have it. She says I will make it. Danny leaves.

Saras is sleeping happily thinking about Kumud. O piya………… plays…………

He thinks about Kumud’s and his lovely moments. He gets a message on phone and sees Good morning. He smiles seeing it. Kusum comes to him. He gets shocked and wakes up seeing her. She says Good morning, till Didi comes, I have to take care of you. He says Kusum, I will manage myself. She goes to him and says Danny and I have found out everywhere, we will go even today. She says I m going to find Didi. Saras says I felt good knowing this, I will come. Saras looks at the breakfast and thinks.

He smiles and takes the breakfast. Kusum comes to Desai house and is shocked to see Kalika standing in her way. Kalika says so you are back, did you go to meet Danny or……..??? Kalika says I was looking out for you. Kusum asks why. Kalika says someone saw Kumud near the mandir, I met a lady and she told me this, so I thought to tell you, come lets go, maybe we will get her there. Kusum says how much will you lie, no one will be there, I m sure. Kalika says fine, you have only three four days, once Kumud comes back, Saras will not let you come near him.

Kalika says once Kumud comes back, Saras will go away from you. Kusum thinks about it. Kalika smiles and leaves. Danny sees Kusum is gone and sees the breakfast. He smiles thinking Kusum left it for him. Saras sees Danny having breakfast and smiles. He says I can be away from Kumud to see Kusum and Danny come close. Vidyachatur, Guniyal and Badimaa are tensed at home. Kalika brings tea for them. They see Kusum worried and ask her do you have to go anywhere, why are you looking out, is anyone coming. Kusum makes excuses. Saras comes and Kusum smiles seeing him.

Danny also comes and says did you not go to mandir. Saras says mandir? Danny says yes, she was saying in the morning, that she wanted to do puja for Kumud. Vidyachatur says why did you not tell us. Saras says Danny you take Kusum to mandir. Badimaa says yes, its good if you go and take her. Saras says Kumud said she will come in two three days. Badimaa says fine, go and come. Danny asks Kusum to come with him. Kusum leaves with Danny.

Saras meets Dada ji and have a funny scene. Dada ji and Saras, both are afraid of Kumud and have a laugh. Dada ji says whats the news. Saras says Kusum made the breakfast for us and to know about Kumud, she gave me some addresses. Dada ji says very good, she will value Danny’s love. Kalika is thinking why is Saras always with Dada ji. She thinks to find out. She looks at Saras and Dada ji talking happily on phone. Kalika comes inside the house. Saras sees Kalika and coughs signing Dada ji to end the call. Kalika asks Dada ji to go and soak the sunshine, till then she will clean his room. Dada ji and Saras leave from the room. Kalika gets Saras’s mobile phone and calls on the last dialled number.

She gets the number switched off and thinks to note down the number and call from her phone. Saras goes to bring his phone. Kalika noted the number on her hand. Saras says thats my phone. Kalika says I was coming to give you, she hands over the phone to him. He takes it and leaves.

Danny and Kusum are on the way to mandir. She says I will show you the way. Saras talks to Dada ji. Dada ji says I m thinking who will take care of fields and haveli. Kalika is watching and hearing them. He says you know Gyaan, he won’t be able to take care, even Vidyachatur is growing old, we need young blood. Saras says you are not going anywhere. Dada ji says my age, there is no guarantee. Saras hears some noise and looks out. Kalika runs away hiding from them. Kalika comes to her room and is angry. She says will Dada ji give everything to the brothers, then will my husband and I send pheplas on road. She tells Yash that she got a bad dream and she saw that Dada ji gave everything to Saras and Danny and kicked us out of the house. She says this can happen, ask your right and share with Dada ji.

Yash says I would have done that before marriage, but now I will work hard and get everything what you want. Kalika thinks I can leave you Yash, but not this haveli. She thinks only Yash’s mum can understand me and smiles.

Danny says I m driving since 45mins, tell me the address, do you know where we are going. She sas keep driving. He stops the car and says tell me where we have to go. She says even I don’t know. He asks whats the problem. She starts crying and takes him in her words. He asks what happened. She says I wanted to take Saras with us, so that he can know that I really want to find out Kumud, I want him to know I m not selfish, but he has sent you.

She says I did not ask him, Kumud have given him to me saying I will be married to him, where is my mistake, I can’t bear everything, I did not know Kumud will leave home, even Saras hates me now, even the family and Kumud will hate me, why, whats my mistake. Danny melts by her words. He holds her and hugs her. Danny says I don’t hate you Kusum, I can never hate you. Danny says my heart says everything will be fine.

Everyone are discussing about Kumud and Kusum. Saras looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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