Saraswatichandra 2nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 2nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka and Kabir doing a puja with everyone. Kumud and Saras smile. Badimaa sees Kumud and Saras seeing each other and smiling. Kabir and Anushka takes everyone’s blessings. Danny teases Kabir to take his blessings too as he is elder to him in marriage matter. Everyone laugh. Badimaa says the mandap mahurat went on well. Kumud says I m waiting for evening, we will play Garba together after a long time, in pairs. Guniyal says new pairs. Vidyachatur says yes we are old. Kumud says no, all, you and mum too. Kabir says yes Kaka. Kumud says everyone will dance today. Vidyachatur says not this time. Saras asks what do you mean, I m doing it as I love Kumud a lot. If you love Mausi Maa, you have to dance.

Vidyachatur says my health these days…….. Danny says even I can’t dance, and even Kusum, still I m managing. Everyone smile. Kusum says anything, I taught you to hold Dandiya sticks. Everyone tries to convince Vidyachatur. Yash’s mum asks him to dance such everyone get amazed. Vidyachatur finally says yes. Everyone is happy. He says you all see how I play Garba that all the mandap see. Kumud and Saras practice the dance. She asks him to do it and show. He does it. She says is this kabaddi, you will never learn. They argue. She says its so easy. He says for you, its not easy for me, I can play dhol. She says no dhol, do the Garba, see Kabir is also trying, as he never did this before. He says I can’t do this. She hugs him.

He says I can’t. She says for me. He says if you are saying by so much love, your tony Singh will do Bhangra for you too. She beats him and smiles. He says if I do anything for you, you also have to do anything for me. She says sure. He says lets have dandiya first. She asks do you haave this. He says I know nothing, but lets try. They try the dandiya. Kumud’s hand gets hurt and she acts like crying. He says I m sorry, I said I can’t do this. She laughs. He says what joke is this. She says I m joking, why do you get angry in small matters. He says I don’t know what happened to me, see I can’t see you in pain, you bear a lot in life, not anymore, I won’t let pain reach you, got it. She nods yes and he hugs her. She smiles. O piya……………plays………………..

Its night, the function starts. Badimaa says Saras that my son is looming so good, you should not catch bad sight. She introduces Anushka to her guests and says she is from Mumbai, came here for work, and we kept her forever with us. Anushka gets a call and goes. She attends the call and makes being helpless face. Everyone get ready and pick their dandiya sticks. Vidyachatur asks them to make pairs. Kabir asks where did Anushka go. He says she went without telling me. Everyone look for her. Kabir says I will just see her and come. Anushka meets a guy and asks him to sssay fast what he wants to say. She then says why don’t you understand, this can’t happen. Kabir hears her and sees her. He asks what can’t happen.

She looks at him and gets tensed. The man looks at Kabir. Anushka looks at Kabir. Kabir walks to them and Anushka says Kabir………… Kabir says everyone is waiting inside, what are you doing here and who is he. She says he…………actually…….. The man says I will say. He smiles and says hi, I m Rohit, Anushka’s cousin. Kabir says cousin? Anushka you did not tell me someone is coming from your side. Rohit says how will she say, even she did not know, I gave her surprise. Kabir asks what is she saying that it can’t happen. Rohit says I wanted to do all arrangements and she said no, this can’t happen.

Kabir smiles and she is right, my family regards her daughter, you just enjoy the marriage, come. He takes Anushka and goes. Rohit smiles. Everyone talk where did Anushka go. Kabir comes with Anushka and Rohit. Kabir tells them that Anushka went to take her cousin. He is Rohit, Anushka’s cousin. Rohit greets everyone. He acts sweet and says Anushka is my fav and I could not miss her marriage, so came to surprise her. Guniyal says we are glad you came, as there was no one from his side. Vidyachatur says its good, it will be fun to play dandiya now. Everyone dance dandiya on the song Dholi taaro dhol baaje………….

Rohit looks at Anushka. The dance ends and everyone clap. Saras holds Kumud’s hand and signs to play music. They dance on the song Kuch na kahe…………….. Everyone smile seeing them. Slow and romantic dance looks so beautiful. Danny Kusum and Kabir Anushka hold hands seeing them. Everyone clap as the dance ends. Badimaa wishes Lord that Saras Kumud should not get any bad sight.

Saras and Kumud have a moment. He gives her a surprise and she is happy seeing pearls necklace with a pendant having their pics.

Update Credit to: Amena

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