Saraswatichandra 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 27th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud decorating the mandir of her house. She touches Sindoor and looks at the Lord. She hears that Saras is hurt and rushes to him. Pramad’s mum asks how did this happen. She asks Murakh Das to bring the first aid. Pramad enters and says no need, its a small wound, he will be fine. Kalika stands somewhere and hears them. Saras says I will do the first aid myself and leaves. Kumud looks at Saras as he leaves. Pramad’s mum asks Pramad how Saras got hurt. Pramad stares at her. Her mum sees some blood on Pramad’s hand and asks him what happened. Pramad walks away. Kalika smiles. Kumud sees her hands and cries. She thinks of her words which she told to Saras of not hurting Pramad.

Kumud thinks this happened because of her and runs to wash her hands.

Kumud says what did I do. Kusum comes to Kumud and holds her hand and says your hands are clean now. Pramad comes to his room and throws his shoes. His mum comes and says you should have thrown it on my face. She says you have slapped us by taunting Naveen. Pramad argues with her. She asks him where did you go. She says did you hurt Naveen. She scolds him and says admit your mistake. Pramad says only I m the one who do the wrong things. She have an argument with Pramad.

Saras is thinking about Pramad’s words that Kumud did not forget her fiance till now. Kusum comes to Saras and says I brought medicine for you. He says let it be. Kusum says what do you want to show, that you love Kumud so that she can’t move forward in life, and always cry for you. Kusum taunts Saras. Saras says Pramad wants to know about Saraswatichandra. Kusum is shocked. Kalika takes care of Pramad’s wound and says I was seeing you when Naveen was bringing you. No one cares about you, only I do, but would I come there, Kumud was there. Pramad says I have beaten Naveen and I got hurt in the process, he is not ready to find out about Kumud’s fiance. Kalika says don’t worry, you will be fine. Pramad says are you mad, I need wine. He asks her did you get anything from Naveen’s room. Kalika gets a girl’s accessory and says no I did not get anthing. She lies to Pramad. He says go and bring wine for me. Kalika leaves. Kusum asks Saras why does Pramad want to know about Saraswatichandra. Saras says Umesh has told Pramad about me. Kumud comes there and says enough. Pramad thinks he can see strength in Saras’s eyes like he sees in Kumud’s eyes. Kalika says she thought she will win, but Saras has won over Pramad. She thinks she has to show Pramad.

Kumud comes to Saras and says I have forgiven you. She says you are not responsible for me. She says go from here, please Saras. She says I can’t colour my hands with your blood, I have forgiven you. She requests him to leave. Kusum looks on. Kumud leaves from his room. Kumud calls Kalika and says I told you not to do Pramad’s work, as I will do his work. Kalika says yes, Pramad was asking for wine. Kumud reminds her of her words. Kalika says I remember. Kalika says you take care Naveen so i thought… Kumud scolds her and asks her to leave. Kalika thinks Kumud knows her secret so she is commanding her, and she should also find about Kumud’s secret.

Kusum asks Saras what did you tell Pramad about Saraswatichandra. Saras says nothing. Kusum says the Lord knows everything and maybe thats why you are getting punished. Kalika says I am thinking I should know something about Naveen, then she will be able to manage everything. Kalika says she wanted to marry Pramad. She says Pramad did not had the courage to admit his love for Kalika infront of everyone. She gets some accessory and thinks whose it might be. Pramad’s mum comes there and says what are you doing. Pramd’s mum scolds her and asks her to work.

Kusum talks with Saras saying Pramad might be feeling jealous thinking Kumud loves someone else. Saras says Pramad does not care for everyone and he slapped me because he is a weak person. Kusum says even you were weak, thats why you broke the relation with my sister. Kusum says maybe Pramad cares for Kumud and he does not know about it. Saras says maybe, he is like me who could not hear his heart. He says Pramad don’t know that Kumud did forget her fiance. Kusum says you should go from here. Saras says no, I have fulfill my promise, I have to bring Kumud and Pramad closer and I can do anything for them. He says the Lord can’t cheat me this time. He says if I have to revive Saraswatichandra, I will do it.
Kusum looks on.

Pramad gets closer to Kumud. Kumud closes her eyes and fears. He taunts Kumud saying were you so close with your Saraswtichandra.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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