Saraswatichandra 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras looking at Kumud. He closes his eyes. She looks at him and says Saras. She asks what happened. He says you are looking very beautiful. He says don’t go away from me till I m alive. He hugs her. He says how many times will we be part, not again. She cries. He asks what happened, are you thinking anything. She says about Kabir. He says even I m confused about him, why will he do this.

She says I told you we should not trust him, I came to know many strange things about him. She tells him everything about Kabir and Ghuman. She says Kabir has made Danny get caught in durg case and he made him free, he acted all the drama, how did he bring that man in police station, I have seen him with Menka and they are doing drama at home as if they don’t know each other. Saras says why did you not tell me. She says no one would have understood. Saras says then why is he helping us. She says I don’t know, there is no connection.

Kabir comes to meet Ghuman and says our dream world will start from here, only you and me. He asks why are you worried. She says no, I m excited. She says really, it will be fun. He says I know, do the packing fast, I will end my work till then. He sees Menka and says Hi, how are you. Menka says I m fine. Ghuman looks at them. Kabir says I came to give her official papers. He leaves. Ghuman smiles seeing Menka. Menka asks Ghuman how are you. Ghuman says fine, come. Ghuman says what do you think about Kabir. Menka says how would I know, he is your friend, you know him well. Menka asks why are you asking me. Ghuman says I like him a lot. Menka says I came to tell you that I m going back to Dubai. Ghuman says so soon.

Menka says I don’t have any work here, I m missing my house and Dubai. Ghuman says fine, I will make tea for us. Menka asks are you fine, you never had time for me. Ghuman says you are leaving so I thought to make tea for you. Ghuman has an enevelop in her hand and sees Menka’s phone. She is shocked and angry. Yash asks Vidyachatur about Kumud and Saras. Danny hugs Yash. Vidyachatur says they came today morning, they are fine, we will talk to them later. Yash says I was also worried about them.

Yash’s mum says its good we got the haveli papers. She says I m very happy, make the haveli on Yash’s name. Everyone are shocked. Yash asks what are you saying, Kaka is there, why do you talk like this, we are family, why do you divide us. He scolds her for making everyone upset. He says I m ashamed. Vidyachatur scolds him and asks him to respect his mum. Vidyachatur tells Yash’s mum that Danny and Saras went against Ghuman, they can’t cheat us, and when the right time comes, I will give everything to Yash. Yash’s mum becomes happy and leaves. Kalika thinks Yash’s mum can’t do anything.

Kalika thinks what to do. She thinks how she stole jewellery and did betting. She laughs and says I m smart. She says I can put the blame on someone else. She gets that jewellery from her cupboard and comes to Kusum’s room. She says Kusum is not in the room, I will keep it here. She gets shocked as Kusum comes looking for Danny. Kalika hides. Kusum sees the drawer open and Kalika is hiding under the bed. The towel falls from the bed and Kusum picks it. She does not see Kalika. She leaves.

Kalika comes in Yash’s mum’s room and acts like her. Kusum comes to Danny and cheers him up. She asks him to tell her what he wants as she is for him. He says I love my mum and I miss her, I felt she loves me but how did she do this. How should I believe that she is doing this. He cries and says I can not forgive her. Kusum pacifies him and tells she is your mum, don’t be sad. Danny says mum did so much with you and you want me to forgive her. He hugs her. Menka sees her phone outside and is shocked as Ghuman might have seen it. Ghuman comes with tea and taunts her.

Badimaa tells Saras that his mum was pregnant but she gave birth to a dead baby.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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