Saraswatichandra 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 19th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Guniyal giving tea to Vidyachatur. Laxminandan comes and says we have to go to Dubai immediately. Everyone are shocked. Ghuman smiles. Vidyachatur asks is everything ok. Laxminandan says don’t worry, some clients are waiting to meet us. There is less time for marriage, so we will come soon. He says we should wind up the meetings and come back. Vidyachatur says I cannot stop you as you are going for work. Laxminandan says we will bring the baaraat from Dubai. Saras comes there and is shocked to know that they are going Dubai. Laxminandan says we are leaving now, you can come tomorrow. Saras tells I will come with you today, that meeting is important for me. Laxminandan says good, and tells Vidyachatur that we will come two days prior to the marriage.

Badimaa sees Kumud crying. Saras looks at her. Laxminandan says we will leave now, but to help you, we are leaving Danny here. Ghuman asks is Danny not coming with us. Danny says I just came here and I want to stay here. Vidyachatur says he can stay here. Laxminandan says Danny wants to stay here. Badimaa says Ghumn don’t worry, Saras also stayed here alone and he changed for the better. Laxminandan says you should make Danny more responsible. He asks Danny to help Vidyachatur. Ghuman meets everyone and says I felt good staying here and felt close to your daughters. Kumud looks at Saras. Everyone have a light moment together.

Laxminandan asks Saras to do the packing. Saras goes to the mandir and sees the flowers which Kumud smashed. Ghuman thinks see how these flowers have become such fade ones, your love will also become like this. Saras looks at the shirt on which Kumud’s mahendi hand’s came upon. Sunny and Sanny come and see Saras lost in Kumud’s thoughts. Sunny says I knew this you will change your plan of going Dubai. Sunny asks are you staying here. Saras says no, its a big meeting, I have to go. Danny asks him to do shopping for him. Saras tells ok. Danny tells him if I took interest in business, I would have gone with dad. Saras says I’m not sad, and asks them to help him in packing.

Sunny says if you don’t go to Dubai, it won’t be fun in the marriage. Saras says I’m fine. Sunny and Danny jokes on Saras saying Saras will see Kumud everywhere in Dubai. Kumud is also thinking about Saras. She could not focus in her work. Guniyal asks her to work faster. Saras comes to her, and sees Badimaa and Guniyal in the kitchen. Badimaa sees Saras knocking the door for Kumud. Saras asks Kumud to meet him at the rooftop. Badimaa asks Kumud to go and bring clothes from the rooftop. Badimaa tries to send her to meet Saras. Kusum stops Kumud but Badimaa stares at her. Kusum then lets Kumud go. Kumud thinks she will not meet alone, but with someone who knows about their love. Saras tells he will miss these moments till he comes back. Saras talks to pigeons, and says I cannot forget you, we met each other in your presence. Sunny comes and tells Saras that Laxminandan is calling you, come fast. Saras tells I m coming.

Ghuman comes to Kumari, Kumari tells her you told me that you will help me in my marriage with Umesh, Ghuman says I know, I will just go and come. She asks Kumari to let her know about whats going on here, Ghuman says maybe Kumud is planning against you. Ghuman gives her contact no. to Kumari. Badimaa comes and says Ghuman what are you doing with Kumari.

Ghuman says I don’t have any work, I like Kumari so I thought to meet her. Ghuman taunts Badimaa. Ghuman says I will leave now, and blesses Kumari. Badimaa tells Kumari its all fate, but don’t dare to snatch a husband from a woman, this is the taunt on Ghuman and she gets angry and leaves. Badimaa blesses Kumari and hugs her. Kumari is tensed.
Kumud comes upstairs and sunny informs her that Saras just left. Chandrika comes and gives some work to Kumud. Kumud sees a pen and she writes her message on a kite. She thinks how she and Saras have made an earthen pot, and how they ran after a kite. She keeps the kite and the pot there.

Saras comes upstairs and is sad to see Kumud is not there. He sees the kite and the pot. He picks up the pot and thinks how they made it and how she bought it. He sees the message on the kite. She writes I m incomplete without you. She says I will search my existence till you come back, come soon.

Badimaa asks Saras to come back soon, we all be waiting for you.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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