Saraswatichandra 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 17th April 2013 Written Update

It starts with everyone eating their breakfast when VC leaves for factory with Kumud running behind him to give him food. Though VC takes it, he doesn’t say anything. Saras tells Kumud how she was successful in convincing VC even without his help. Kumud walks in the door and ends up hurting her foot when Saras seeing it he comes there and checks her foot. Guman sees Saras checking Kumud’s foot even after Kumud denying him to. Guman comes to Kumud as Saras leaves to go get the first aid box and tells her even after being so educated and practical why does she let Saras come close to her even after knowing the relationship has long been broken. Kumud answers her by saying that forgiving people is their strength.

Kumud comes in the house limping thinking about what Guman told her to keep Saras away from her when Saras comes there with first aid box but Kumud tells him to stay away and keep four feet distance from her forever. Saras asks her what happen but she just tells him to stay away. She tells him that a relationship is between two families and since our families already know that the relationship is broken so if you want to stay here we have to make them believe that we are as strange as we were when you first came. Saras accepts the challenge and tells himself how he is always going to keep the four feet distance.

Gunial tells Dukhba that now there is no suspicious that Saras is Saraswati’s son when Dukhba tells her that soon Saras will make up for his mistake for rejecting the relationship. Saras comes to dining table where everyone is sitting for dinner. As he is about to leave Dukh ba calls him back and tells him to sit for dinner. Kumud is still thinking about what Guman told her to stay away from Saras when Dukhba tells her to sit as well but since the only seat empty is next to Saras, he makes an excuse of an important call and leaves from there. Kumud feels bad about it so starts taking food out for him.

Later at night he walks into the kitchen as he is starving when he sees Kumud sleeping on one of the chairs with a served plate on the table. As he goes close to her he realizes that she told him to stay four feet away from her.
He takes four steps back and is trying to wake her up but she being in deep sleep doesn’t hear him at first. So, he gets flowers and starts showering her with petals waking her up. Kumud gets mad at him for waking her up like that when he reminds her that she is the one who told him to stay four feet away when she tells him to she fell asleep waiting for to come get his food. She catches his lie when he tries to tell her he already ate from outside. Thinking Kumud has left he starts eating the food which Kumud is seeing hiding behind the door.

Saras walks in the kitchen when Kumud is telling Kumari and Kusum to stop Saras jijaji. Saras comes to give the dishes from late night and tells them how Kumud had brought food for him last night when Kumari tells him how Kumud didn’t eat properly after he left yesterday.

Precap: Saras keeps on drinking tea which Kumud has already drank from. Kumud comes to stops her but he tells her not to stop him at every little thing as all he is trying is to keep the distance from her.

Update Credit to: scarlet.moon

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