Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seema was in the kitchen lost, thinking what Bindia had said. Bindia also stood there and thinks she targeted the best place. Shayl and Gunjan come to the kitchen, Shayl was saying that if a girl is born she will exactly be like her granny Sneha. Seema drops the spoon, Shayl asks if she is alright. Seema says curtly what will happen to her. Gunjan says to Seema she may go and rest. Seema jerks her hand, but Gunjan requests her to leave. Seema leaves, Mayank calls Gunjan and Shayl sends her out.
In the room, Gunjan asks Mayank what is it about? Mayank asks her to look in the room, if there is something special for her in the room. Gunjan is delighted to see a wall full of Gunjan’s childhood photos. Gunjan says they are so silly, but Mayank says he wants his baby Gunjan to be like her mother. He asks Gunjan why she looks worried. He asks if she did some hardwork. Gunjan says she was so careful, and doesn’t know why she is angry. Mayank says maa is really happy about her, and she must stay happy as much as she can.
Bindia comes to see Vikram who was doing exercise in the morning. She thinks about increasing her friendship with him. She opens her hair and corrects her saree. She then goes inside, to bring water hose to water plants. Vikram looks at her from the corner of his eyes, jerking her thoughts. She says she forgot to put on a safety pin, but he doesn’t notice and continue his exercise. She slips deliberately, he holds her in his arms and says scoldingly that he told her to stay away from her. Bindia says that no matter Vishnumitra ji, this Mainka will win his heart.
On the breakfast table, Gunjan notices Seema smiling at the talk of the baby. Gunjan asks if she is alright. Seema nods. Shayl says Seema got a lottery of happiness. Seema smiles at this. Shayl suggests to keep a pooja, and asks Seema to talk to her pandit. Seema assures her to talk to her, and leaves. Bindia hears this and calls Aadi.
Aadi asks what she wants now. She tells him about Gunjan. Aadi says Gunjan’s chapter has been closed. She says she knows about his hobby about selling leaked papers in college. He asks if she is blackmailing him. She says she just want to be his partner and tells him the idea.
Seema talks to pandit, thanking him in the temple. He assures her to come and congratulates her. She watches Aadi there and stops by.
Gunjan sits at home, worried that there is something wrong. Bindia stops looking at the worried Gunjan, then comes to her and asks where is she lost. She guesses that she must be thinking about the name of the baby. Gunjan asks about mummy ji. Bindia says she will be here, and reminds her about sending sweet to Sharma ji. Gunjan says she wants to cover her work for a while. Bindia says she won’t be able to cover her life up, for the whole of her life now.
Aadi asks Seema if Gunjan is going to be a mother. Seema asks what he has to do with it. He says that child can be his as well, as he got engaged with Gunjan and they spent two nights together. Seema thinks about the photos. Aadi says she met Mayank just now, he and she have been together for a long time. He promises to come between Mayank and Gunjan’s happiness and won’t ask to give him his name, but she must promise him that she will make him meet that child once in a while. He turns to temple and thanks God, and then takes leave from Seema touching her feet. Seema thinks about Aadi and Gunjan, sits on the stairs nearby, crying.
Mayank comes home, to Gunjan and Bindia. He gives samosay to Bindia and takes Gunjan inside. In the room, he says there is a surprise for her. She says will she keep on getting surprises for the rest of nine months. He says he wish to make this journey beautiful, and gifts her ring. Gunjan hugs him.
In the temple, Seema cries and prays thinking about what Aadi had said. Gunjan sits with Mayank on the sofa, saying that she wants her love with him to be like this always. He says he wants his love to grow up. She says she is just afraid, that some bad eye gets onto their love.
Seema says that in the quest of this truth and lie, she will suffocate. She thinks about asking Gunjan, whose child is this.
Mayank says to Gunjan, he wants to be the best father of the world. Gunjan assures that he is the best husband and they will share everything. Seema hears this.

PRECAP: Gunjan asks Seema, on the pooja day why she is leaving without blessing them. Seema asks how she can believe that Mayank is the father.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. it is about time this adi and bindia thing come to a closure it is becoming boring with them if bindia wants a man why she and aidi do not hook up they deserve each other

  2. I find that bindia should leave gunjan alone and stop making mischief she needs to go live with her aidi they deserve each other

  3. Because of Aadi and Bindia , I didn’t watch Sslk today , I want this track to come to end soon and for the truth to comes out about Bindia

  4. Darshaniedhanpaul

    Mayank will be the father of the child.

  5. mayank is he father of this child

  6. i meant the

  7. Seema I guess u shud trust gunjan coz she won’t do anything wrong..(adi is giving u the wrong idea

  8. How many times have Seema made mistakes yet she hasn’t learned. If Gunjan leaves this time it’s on her head. Hate this Bindia/Adi crap

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