Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Charu shouts that someone saves her husband as people gather in the mill.
Rachna comes to Shayl. She straightens up as Rachna says that she was wrong telling a lie, she feels bad about it. Shayl says that her daughter has changed. Rachna says she never wanted to hurt you. Shayl says whatever happened was an accident. Shayl says that you must keep the truth between us, so that relations never get apart. Rachna hugs her. Shayl asks about KT. Rachna thinks how he had denied to meet her. She says she do not know and take a leave to go to kitchen. Bauji enters the room and passes her. Shayl says that she can’t get fine until Rachna is depressed. Bauji says that it is important for you to get fine and gives her medicine. Shayl says KT is not on fault. Bauji says that he is still annoyed with him, he is never going to ask him for apology as she knows what he and Rachna did. Shayl says that KT isn’t a bad man, Bauji asks do you want to marry your daughter to a man who is elder that Rachna, and who never lived with the family; I won’t be able to do so. Rachna over hears the conversation. She runs to balcony and hopes to meet KT just once. She watches him passing by, heads to call him but stops. KT looks up at her, she wishes she could tell him she was afraid to see mom, KT thinks sorry won’t let him forget the pain he suffered, he thought she loved him while there was mistrust in her eyes. Rachna hopes he looks at her, but he leaves.
Mayank comes home, Gunjan is shocked to see him and call everyone. Rachna brings water. Mayank tells them that his boss attempted to kill him and Charu. Gunjan says I told you not to go there. Mayank says he had a fight with GS. The police arrive home. They announce he is charged upon for the murder of GS. Police shows them the mobile as evidence. Mayank stands in the jail, Bauji says that there must be some mistake. The police says that there is evidence of his mobile and fingerprints on gun and many people saw him leaving the place, and he put him into fire. Mayank denies putting him into fire. The police asks for evidence, Mayank tells Gunjan to bring Charu here.
The maid calls Charu downstairs for Pooja, she says GS may get peace or not she got it by getting Mayank into jail.
Gunjan tells Mayank he will soon be out, as he hasn’t done anything wrong. A man notices them. Gunjan wipes her tears while leaving.
Charu was eating, but puts the spoon down when the maid enters. She insists her to eat something but Charu says her appetite died with GS, but agrees on insistence. The man in the station calls Charu to tell her the police says that her case against Mayank is strong and her evidence can save him. She thinks she likes Mayank, but his trust ended him into situation he is in.
Rachna tells Shayl that Mayank will soon be out. Shayl says she know their son isn’t guilty. KT knocks her door, he comes in. Rachna says she will bring water. KT says to Shayl that he wants to say that he didn’t do anything deliberately, but he should care. He is ready to pay anything for it. Shayl says that it was an accident. She says everyone is at the station. KT says he wants to help Mayank, a good friend of his is the best lawyer of the town. Bauji and Gunjan arrives. Bauji says to Shayl that they have talked to a lawyer. KT says that Vishnu is a good lawyer and did not lose any case. KT tells Bauji that right now Mayank needs help, his anger apart. Prabhu also says the same and Bauji agrees. Prabhu asks KT when they can meet him. Gunjan tells him that Charu’s evidence is the most important in the case. KT says they will meet the lawyer tomorrow.
At night Gunjan thinks you were so happy with the job, and you think Charu has changed. But I am sure she wont help you, I will not let you into any trouble. Rachna comes and says she brought her the letter of Mayank but she will give it only if she smiles. They both run after each other, and laughs. Gunjan thanks her for being her best friend and her sister and be always with her. Rachna says that tomorrow is Rakhi and they will give there. Rachna says that the lawyer has a great name, and… she stops. Gunjan completes the sentence that KT has suggested him. Gunjan says that there is always hope in tomorrow. They both hug.

PRECAP: The lawyer says that once he is taken by the police, it will be difficult. Gunjan comes to ask Charu to give evidence for Mayank, Charu poses to have a head ache.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i dont know why mayank always do stupid things getting himself into trouble and when advised he never take to it

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