Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank gets Charu’s call and comes to her rescue to the mill. He hears the laughter of someone and GS was discussing to a man that he can get a hundred wives, with money but this one has been unfaithful to him; he will kill her cruelly. Mayank looks for Charu passing GS. She was tied on a chair and struggled. He helped her and promised to take her out. She fears GS but he says that he should not have left any other girl as well. He takes her carefully through the way. Charu says I did so bad to you still you are helping me. He tells her to get out of the place. They pass GS carefully but he watched them and shouts at his men to catch them. They run while the men follow them. Mayank runs ahead of Charu. He looks behind to find Charu. She shouts to leave her, GS appears holding her. He keeps a gun at her forehead, the men surrounds him. Mayank recalls what Gunjan had said. Mayank dials 100, GS looks at it and tells him to disconnect it. He dials the number and throws it away. GS tells his men to beat him so much that he can’t recognize himself.
Prabhu opens the door as Shayl comes home. Seema welcomes her. Seema says you moved the whole house, and thanks to God she came home fine. Shayl says thanks to Gunjan she gave me blood. Prabhu says that Seema looked for the kitchen in your absence well. Seema says my husband appreciated me for the first time, they all smile. She gives Shayl the keys and says it is her responsibility. Sangeeta asks Gunjan about Mayank, she calls him.
Mayank was lying on the floor when the phone rings, GS asks would you like to say good-bye to her. He says that Gunjan always saves you and my Charu always put you into trouble. GS says he will kill him and then thank Gunjan by taking her. Mayank warns him to go near Gunjan. He says she slapped me.
At home, Gunjan and family pray. Mayank throws a nearby lying stone to GS. Gunjan cries while praying. Mayank takes GS but the men come to fight him. Gunjan cries and prays to protect Mayank and take any test from her in return. Mayank fights the goons and takes GS gun and air fire. The men run away. He points the gun to GS and warns him to take Gunjan’s name again. He calls Charu who comes to her. GS throws a lantern to Mayank’s arm and hit him on head with a gun. GS takes Charu along. Mayank takes GS from the back and throw him towards a huge stone, he fells unconscious. Charu says they must leave the place before he come to consciousness.
After the prayer, Gunjan says to Rachna that one should accept one’s mistake, one day KT and everyone will make up. Rachna goes to meet Shayl. Prabhu asks about Mayank. Gunjan says he is on the way. They come out. Charu tells him to leave, but Mayank says how will she go alone. She says she will go to police station and then leave for her mummy. He agrees. She says good bye to him and wipes her tears smiling. She comes back into the mill thinking all GS had done to her. She then takes kerosene cane and spill it over the floor throwing a matchstick over it. She says that this is the bad luck of good people, he came to save me and fought for Gunjan. Now you must see the fire of revenge.

PRECAP: Mayank comes home in a semi-conscious state. Gunjan helps him. Police come home, Charu sends Mayank to jail.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hahaha guys you are so funny!!!!!! And I knew that charu played a game else why would gs let Mayank and charu dance. Gunyank rock peeps

  2. Araina is like Charu the devil and also like Mayak the dumb-ass

  3. Best episode ever more mayank rachna and kt i’m tired of gunjan

  4. rachna need to pay the price for her lies,its unfortunate kt is being made to bear pains as well

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