Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th April 2014 Written Update

Pihu is going on bike with Murli. Vicky comes beside them on signal and says you look good. She gets worried seeing her. Murli sees him, he says to ask her wife to get hold of her saree or it will get in the wheel. Murli thanks him.
Gunjan wakes up in KT’s bedroom. She calls KT but Babloo comes inside. He says Kabir said him to protect him. She asks where he is, he says now you are awake so I am leaving. She turns around and sees the room before leaving.
Vicky was at a barren place, he was saying I did what you told me to, but I know only to enter a heart, not exit. He laughs nd sees Gunjan standing behind him. She deters him to tell police if he tease Shayl or Pihu anymore. He tells her to dial a number of DSP. She tells him that she will do it in charge of harssing a married girl. He says her Mousi maa hired him for this harassment not love, to prove that guys like him are not worth making husbands. He plays a recording in front of her; about Shayl’s call. Shayl was worried about Pihu and tells him that she wants Pihu to realize that her husband is her best companion. He shows her the video recording in which Shayl was giving him money but he denies. Shayl comes from behind and slaps him on his face. She says that she was the one to start it, now she will end it, because she believed in him and she was mistaken. Vicky says that it is difficult for him to forget Pihu now, because he loves him.
Someone sends bouquette for Rachna, it was from KT. She thinks why. The card on it said thanks for being there always.
Vicky says that now he had started loving her daughter. He says you had said it herself that all that glitters is not gold. He takes the money that Shayl gives her. he says he is going to bring Pihus proposal, Gunjan deters but he does not agree. Shayl says you wont do any such thing. He says he is not happy. His alarm rings, he says he has some work in the cinema and runs on his bike. He tells them Pihu is also there. They were worried.Vicky also says that these days travelling by bike are dangerous and that the wheels of bike can get loose as well. Gunjan says they must hurry to get them. They go by rickshaw. Gunjan tries to get Murli by cell phone while Shayl prays for them in the way.
Rachna calls KT, he asks how she was. She thinks why he didn’t wake up. He says she took care of him so he thought to thank her. She says there was no such need for the card. She apologizes him for Sonal. She tells him that she now know who he loves. He gets worried and asks who? She replies Sonal, because he was taking her name in fever. He gets up and says that she can never love such a girl, that relationship was hollow from inside. She was not for me. He thinks to himself had he taken the right name, she should have known whom he had started loving. She asks who that ism if not Sonal. He asks do you want to know who that is. She says yes. He thinks I should tell you now that I love you. He promises her to let her meet that girl.
Pihu and Murli were going on the bike. Shayl sees them through rickshaw and points to it. They tell the driver to follow it. Vicky also comes to them, Pihu gets worried as he blocks their way. Shayl and Gunjan get out of the rickshaw and see this.

PRECAP: They come home; Bauji asks Shayl why guys were coming from acting classes to ask for Pihu. Vicky introduces him. He asks can you go to any extent for the happiness of your daughter. Shayl says every mother can go to any extent for her children.

Update Credit to:Sona

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