Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th December 2013 Written Update

Charu is looking at the ring and getting happy. Vikram comes and hugs her from back. Charu says someone will see them. Vikram says his Mitthu is so shy. Charu sends him to check whether Gunjan got ready or no. After he leaves, Charu calls Vikram stupid and she hopes to make Gunjan so tired till night so she can’t romance with Mayank.

Doctor informs Kabir that dadi is very weak and it won’t be good to do bypass surgery in this condition. Kabir asks then till how long? Doctor says she can live 5-6 years more, but never know. Whatever it is, she has to live happily. Doctor leaves. Kabir breaks down. Rachna sees him. Kabir notices Rachna and wipes out his tears. Rachna asks him what doctor said. Kabir gets mad at her and asks her to stay away from

his personal life. Rachna tells him this is not way to talk to anyone. She is just respecting him for Dadi. She tells him she also wants good for Dadi. She runs away and cries recalling Kabir’s words. Her co-worker comes and she also tells Rachna that she doesn’t have to interfere Kabir’s personal life. Rachna says she is worried for Dadi. Her co-worker tells her to concentrate on work instead worrying about dadi as that’s doctor’s job.

Gunjan, Mithu, Vikram, Dholu come for shopping. Mithu is wasting time purposely. Mithu’s saree gets stuck. She gets up to try a saree and her pallu falls down. Gunjan is busy on the phone and fails to see her face. Gunjan’s phone rings. Mithu purposely pushes Gunjan and her phone breaks down. She apologizes to Gunjan and says she got slipped. Gunjan says not a problem, everything going wrong since morning anyways. Mayank feels Gunjan is upset, but hopes to make her happy by hugging her when he goes home.

Mayank returns home and tells his mum he came early so he can take Gunjan out somewhere. His mother says Mithu wanted to see the city, so Gunjan went with her. Mayank says mistake is his as he didnt tell Gunjan about it in the morning.

Mithu continues wasting time by going to different shops. Gunjan says she has to go with Mayank. Mithu says this is last shop and after that they will eat chat. Gunjan tells Mithu, her and Vikram can go to eat chat, she will go home with Dholu as Mayank must be waiting for her as it’s their anniversary. Mithu tries her best, but she fails to hold Gunjan. Vikram then tells Mithu to continue their shopping. Mithu says to leave it and they will also go home, but Vikram takes her for shopping forcefully.

Gunjan returns home and is very upset with what happened today. She’s crying in dark and Mayank comes there and turns on the lights. Both argue with each other saying they didn’t have time for each other. Gunjan is very angry at Mayank. Mayank says if he didn’t wish her, then she also didn’t wish him. Mayank continues arguing and makes her follow him. They come on terrace and Mayank has decorated it beautifully with their photos, candles, etc.. Gunjan gets surprised and happy seeing it. She tells him this is why he fought with her. Both hug each other and wish each other. Gunjan says she is still angry with him as he made her cry and lied to her. Mayank says no crying today. He gives her couple of gifts. In end he can’t find diamond ring. He says he kept in room. He then says anyways this night is to romance. Gunjan says more than just romance. He asks her to wear dress that he gifted and until then he will try to find the ring. Gunjan leaves and then suddenly lights go off. Charu comes and hugs Mayank from back. Mayank thinks it’s Gunjan. He sees the ring in her hand and calls Gunjan a cheater and says she’s doing husband atyachaar on him. Charu is laughing. Mayank asks her to come in front of him. Charu pushes him and runs away. Lights come back and now Gunjan comes from back. Mayank is surprised. Gunjan says it’s her surprise time now. Both dance romantically on song Kabhi Jo Badal Barse. Charu gets angry seeing both getting close.

Precap: Mayank and Gunjan come to their room and find Mithu sleeping there. Charu says in her mind no matter what she won’t leave her Mayank tonight.

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  1. This is goin to be very entertaining. Gunjan(roopal)will Know how to deal with her. By the way am gunjan friend from Mumbai but am in New York. Anybody wants to know about then can contact me on gmail. or u can contact gunjan on facebook fan page Sapne suhane ladakpanke. Her real fan page has up a pic with herself n mayank sitting on a chair n sangeeta n mausaji is at the back. her cover foto have her pic n rachna. Thankz everyone for reading this comment.

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