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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank is in her bedroom, Gunjan makes her bed. He goes to her and asks will she ever forgive her. she stops her and says to forget it all, she just feared to lose him for what he was doing. She says she cant think of losing him, he says she cant lose him too. They hug. Mayank says I am a proud husband of a brave wife. She tells him to sleep as he has an interview tomorrow.
The Guru ji’s man plans some drama as a protest of his imprisonment.
Rachna wakes up in the morning and takes a dress out. She recalls that KT was angry upon her, he called her but while he looked at her he got lost and tells her the colour suits her and she must wear this dress. She drapes it and keeps her first gift for KT in the bag. Shayl comes with the tea and gives her a list of things to bring from market. Rachna says she has head ache, Shayl gets worried and tells her she must not go out today and call KT that she isn’t well.
Mayank comes to Gunjan and tells her to lock the buttons of his shirts sleeves. She begins to back up but her lace stucks in the watch. He hugs her from the back and asks shall he stay home. She says he must go for the interview. He leaves.
KT calls Rachna, he is speechless as she listens to her voice. She asks why he called her, he asks where the file of Sharma’s order is. He further asks her if she is coming for the meeting today. She assures she will be there in a while. He hangs on and thinks he never did such things in life. Shut up KT and get back to work. Rachna cheers that the meeting is today and someone wanted to talk to her so much that he called without a reason.
Seema is worried that the laundry man is not coming today and her husband has to wear a shirt from those clothes. Gunjan comes there and tells her that she will bring the shirt from the market. She promises she will take Rachna along with her.
KT calls Rachna again to ask when she is coming. She says she will be there in just five minutes and is frustrated why she told her mom about her head ache. She looks towards the window as a way out.
Gunjan comes to Rachna’s room calling her, she was about to open the door when Shayl tells her that Rachna had head ache and isn’t going for work even. Gunjan leaves by saying she is going to market alone.
Rachna comes to workshop. She comes across KT and says Hi to her. He smiles and looks at her as he says Hi. His cell phone rings while he was lost. She tells him about the ringing phone.
Gunjan comes to market, people were running around. Gunjan looks around, then asks a hawker what happened. The hawker tells her that the followers of Guru ji have called a strike and burnt the markets. The Hanuman road is worst. She thinks Mayank has just gone there, when the mob runs toward her. She goes and hides.
Rachna comes and asks KT what he was asking her for. He says he couldn’t find the Sharma project file. She looks for it on the table, and hands it to him. He thinks now she will get busy with the work and wont get time with him. He thinks of sending her out. He asks did she bring the laces he told her too. She stands up and asks which laces, he didn’t tell her to bring any laces. He shouts angrily that is he telling a lie, and tells her to go now to get the laces from Shastri ji’s shop. She is nervous about what happened to him and begins to leave. Her purse fells down and the gift comes out of it. She puts it back and leaves. KT thinks she must be thinking bad about her, and this gift must be for her.
The men come back home. Shayl and Seema are worried. They tell them that there is curfew in the whole city, the networks are jammed as the protests are going on in the city. They ask about the kids. Seema gets worried that Gunjan and Mayank both are out of the home. Shayl tells Bauji Rachna isn’t well and is asleep. He goes to see her.
Rachna comes to market and is shocked to see all the shops closed.
Gunjan is trapped in the market being burnt. She can’t even get Mayank on call.
Bauji doesn’t find Rachna in the room.
Rachna is suspicious about the strike in the market. She turns around as she notices someone there. it were the men of Guru ji. The attack her, as she back up.

PRECAP: KT fights the men and rescue Rachna. They both hug each other. Gunjan and Mayank are hidden in a godown together. /strong>

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Epi is a liddle booring

    1. don’t worry there will be a lots of romance between KT and Rachnaa soon !!!

  2. CHARU IS BACK !!!

    as the charmingly wicked Charu of Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (Shakuntalam Telefilms), has always impressed viewers with her enticing game plans to corner Mayank (Ankit Gera) and get him back in her life.

    The last time she had come, she had created mayhem by entering the house in the guise of the ‘gaon ki chori’ Mithu. And now, Charu is all set to get back to the show yet again.

    Yes, this is true!! We hear that the channel is presently in talks with Aanchal and has an interesting track on cards for the audience.

    A source states, “Though the exact storyline has not been developed yet, it is a certainty as of now that Charu will soon get back to the thick of things. A village track will open up wherein Mayank and Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) would go to a village to attend a family function. And the idea as of now is to get back Charu at this particular situation. However, the storyline has not been finalized at the moment.”

    We hear that Aanchal’s track will be on air somewhere in the first week of July.

    However, when we contacted Aanchal to ask her about her comeback, she said, “I have no clue about it. I am presently in Delhi enjoying my free time. I am also travelling to places at the moment.”

    Aanchal aka Charu’s tracks have always garnered a good response, with the TRP picking up every time a track has been woven around Charu. We hope Charu is successful in casting her magical spell yet again.

    We will keep you updated on this for sure!!

  3. nice episode today although kt rachna scene very short… kt rachna romance only……………….well ….OMG……why the hell is charu coming back to sslk….kt rachna scenes will be even more shorter……frust

  4. plz update 2days epi……. ;(

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