Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank comes to the room, and asks what Seema and nurse are doing together. Seema asks the nurse what she is doing; she complains to Mayank that she was having fruits here. Mayank asks her to leave. Mayank says to Seema, that it isn’t bad that she is looking after Gunjan along with the household as well. He takes the fruit salad to Gunjan. She says this is too much of care; he must go to office from tomorrow. She says there are a lot of people at home, but stops at Seema.
Bindia and Seema come to kitchen; she gives Seema water and appreciates her skills. Bindia says why Mayank isn’t going to office. Seema says he is on leave. Mayank tells Gunjan that maa also takes care, she scolded the nurse. Gunjan smiles, the nurse comes there for medicine.
Seema tells Bindia that the wardboy will bring the kit, she gave her number to him. Bindia is worried why she gave her number. Shayl comes there and asks Seema to get the milk for Gunjan. Seema denies, but Shayl says she wants her to meet her. Bindia also bucks her up. Seema goes with the milk.
Gunjan discuss with Mayank the changes that come to the baby, each day. She and Mayank was excited, Mayank says that the life of Gunjan is going to change only. They have a pillow fight, when Seema comes there with the milk. Gunjan thanks Seema. Mayank’s phone rings, it was from office. Gunjan appreciates the milk, Seema says Shayl made it, she just brought it and says if she wants something else, she must say the nurse. Gunjan thinks if mummy eats, baby eats and drinks the milk.
Bindia dances in the room, with headphone on. Seema keeps knocking her door. She opens it and says she feels bad for what she is doing. Bindia tells her to relax, as she is doing alright.
Shayl comes to Gunjan, and appreciates that she has drunk the whole glass. Gunjan is quiet. She tells Shayl mama came to her dream yesterday. Shayl asks if she misses her much, maybe there was something lacking in her own love. Gunjan says they have never let her realize her mama’s absence. Shayl asks her to give Seema some time more. Gunjan asks her not to worry, as ladies have mood swings. Shayl goes to send Mayank to her. Gunjan thinks about writing a blog.
She writes about her doubts why Seeta had to give such a difficult tests. Her mama always said, that in those times ladies had to do so. But today, who is responsible for this all.
The door bell rings, Bindia checks around and opens the door. It was the kit delivery. She receives it, smiles but when she turns Rachna stood there. She takes the courier from Bindia’s hand, and wonders why isn’t there any address on it. She asks Bindia why she didn’t ask where it came from. Bindia says it may be mistakenly arrived. But Rachna says there is Garg written on it, and opens it. Bindia is worried, when Seema snatches the courier from her hand. She says she was waiting for it, as she asked her brother to send her something. She and Bindia go inside, Rachna finds the letter cover. She thinks how can a courier be sent without an address.
Binda asks Seema to come with her, Seema asks her to come in but Bindia says she will guard the room. She thinks she isn’t an idiot. Seema brings the kit to nurse, she denies but Seema bribes her. She promises that she will stay with her. The nurse asks for a hair on the father.
Gunjan apologizes her baby, the nurse comes to take the blood sample. She asks which test she wants to take, and says she will call the doctor. Seema denies, but Bindia asks Seema to go inside. The nurse was about to spit, but Seema goes inside. She scolds the nurse to get the juice and take the blood. Gunjan asks Seema if she knows about the test. Seema tells her that the doctor told her about it. Gunjan agrees immediately. Seema is worried, that she is doing it all for the betterment of the family.

PRECAP: Rachna asks if Seema is forcing her to get the paternity test. She says that she read her blog, about an Aam Larki. She must continue her fight. Bindia overhears, and thinks about reading the blog.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I do not like what seema is doing her daughterinlaw gunjan secretly taking the paternity test without her consent come on seema shame on you how could you listen to that mischief maker bindia and in the end you will be blamed as for rachna she is so slow on catching on to things otherwise she could have spilled the beans on them and mayank he too is so slow and stupid when coming to his mother as far as I see this soap is also a shitty story if gunjan never slept with that ugly ass mad fellow how on earth she can be pregnant and gunjan is also dotish because she could have said that she did not sleep with him very poor storyline

  2. yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! u kw rite seema is so crazy she is listening to a stranger so mad, pagal, stupid …………….
    how crazy rachna should have suspect seem and bindya……..hey what about if its adi baby or bindya pass money to the nurse to say its adi baby…………no way dont tell me that..

  3. thats exactly what’s going to happen ,bindia along with adi will bribe the nurse to say it’s adi child and seema might create havoc , and in d end the nurse might have to say what really happend ….

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