Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with KT designing a model and then he remembers that the design of that model is with rachna so he calls her and to receive the call rachna goes out of the room so that vikram doesn’t wake up. Rachna apologizes to KT on the phone as she couldn’t come to office as there were problems going in the house; KT says that it’s ok and he completely understands. On the other side charu through the window says to the sleeping vikram that his mitthu is going to suicide by jumping in the pond in the nearby temple and these words boom in his ears and he wakes up and goes running outside taking charu’s name and charu also runs away and rachna sees vikram running and tells KT that she will call him later and disconnects the call. Rachna goes running outside

behind vikram and shouts his name and everyone gathers and shail asks rachna what happened and she tells shail that vikram woke up and went out of the house and started taking mitthu’s name. Shail and others go running behind vikram on the road. Charu sees vikram running and starts running and vikram shouts mitthu and asks her to stop. After sometime charu goes and hides and vikram sees another girl running and thinks that she is his mitthu so runs after her. Charu gets tensed that if anything happens to vikram then there is no other way for her to enter the garg house and get her mayank. Then she runs behind him and stops him saying that his mitthu is here but he keeps on looking at the other girl running and assumes her mitthu and runs after her. Charu thinks now what to do and how to stop vikram. Then mayank, shail, gunjan, dayal, gopal and prabhu run behind vikram and shout his name and try to stop him.

Vikram on the middle of the road and searches mitthu but is not able to see her and a truck comes from the other side of the road and mayank shouts vikram and vikram sees behind and then he sees the truck and charu comes and pushes vikram and herself on the other side of the road and she rolls down and bangs her head to the stone. Shail and others come running and wake up vikram and vikram asks where is he and where is his mitthu. He then sees her fallen on the other side of the road and everyone goes there and see her lying unconscious and injured. Then shail tells gopal to call the doctor and she tells vikram that they shall go home. Vikram says that he won’t go without mitthu, so shail says that they will take mitthu with them in the house. Gunjan gets shocked hearing to this and so does mayank and she tells shail to come aside and asks her how she can take charu home. Shail says that she can’t leave charu in this condition on the road alone and she is a girl and charu has changed and she has also put her life at stake for vikram and saved him. Then vikram says that he will pick up charu but shail asks him not to pick up charu and asks mayank to pick her up. Mayank does not agree with this and looks at a hurt gunjan but circumstances force him to pick her up. He picks her up and charu sees this and gets happy.

At garg house shail checks mitthu’s fever and says that it’s not reducing. Then shail tells vikram to go and rest and she will take care of mitthu but he refuses and says that he will take care of mitthu. Then rachna says that even he is not well so he shall rest and she, seema, shail and gunjan will take care of mitthu. Vikram gets hyper and angry on hearing gunjan’s name and shouts at her and asks her to stay away from mitthu and says that he will take care of mitthu and does need anyone. Shail goes to him and calms him down and says that they all will leave and they leave from there. Then gunjan says that she is not able to understand how to handle this. Shail says what is there to understand and says that charu has to stay in this house and everyone gets shocked but no one is able to make shail understand.

Rachna reads KT’s message and sits to complete the designs. On the other hand gunjan and mayank discuss about shail’s decision and gunjan says to mayank that she hopes that shail doesn’t let charu stay in the house forever. The screen freezes on gunjan’s worried face.

Precap: – vikram asks for a promise from shail that she won’t let charu go anywhere and she promises. Seema and gunjan discuss about the accident and gunjan says that it’s not an accident but she strongly feels that it’s a planning done by charu. The doorbell rings and it’s some person with a bag and its vikram and mitthu’s marriage invitation card and gunjan asks that person to take it back. Shail comes from behind and says that the marriage will be done on the same day and gunjan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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