Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bauji says to Shayl that he should also apologize her that he didn’t understand the situation and scolded her. he says you have great strength inside, he is ashamed about not being able to stand by her. she says she was the one to hide everything from him, she touched his feet to say sorry. He beholds her and says he is making him embarrassed even more. HE holds her hands and she cries thanking God. Gunjan over-ears this and is happy. Seema is talking to phone her brother about the “Taweez” she tied on Mayank’s hand. Gunjan comes there as she hears this and asks Seema to keep Mayank away from this, as it would be difficult for him to come back from such fallacies. Seema defends her baba ji that he has spiritual qualities and asks baba ji for forgiveness. Gunjan says all has gone well today at home. Seema says nothing is going good, Mayank is depressed by his job, Rachna is sitting home in spite of being so talented and Gopal is having loss in business; no one isn’t talking about these because of Pihu’s problems.
Rachna was making sketches and is frustrated. Gunjan sees the pile of torn papers near her, picks one up and recalls Rachna’s success points. She goes to Bauji who was reading newspaper. She asks wont you say no to anything. He says why would he say no to a girl who always wishes his family’s well fare. Gunjan says that since Pihu is returning home tomorrow, she wished something. Bauji nods happily. She says thanks and leaves. Gunjan brings Rachna to kitchen and tells her they both are cooking food for the whole house together. She shows her the recipes and they both set to work.
Gopal appreciates Gunjan as he and Seema sees her serving food on table. Gunjan asks Seema to taste the potatoes- her favorite so she can fix it if there is a problem. Seema tastes it and says it is good and she will get 9 out of 10. Gunjan hugs her and tells them to sit. Everyone joins the table; Seema notices that the food is not being started. Gunjan says she has invited someone, the bell rings. Gunjan goes to open the door. KT was standing with a bouquet in hands. She greets him and welcomes him. Everyone is happy to see him, especially Rachna. Seema thinks who she has called to be between the family. Gunjan says she thought KT would be alone at home so he could come and taste the food. Rachna says she will serve the food.
Seema notices the eye contact between Rachna and KT. Gunjan asks what’s going on in fashion world. He says nothing really as it is summers but there are a lot of orders for bridal collection in which Miss Garg is quite expert. Gunjan asks is he marrying. They all begin to ask questions about who the girl is. Bauji congratulates him. He says she has not given confirmation to him so he can’t say anything. Seema asks for a hint, Gunjan asks if not name you can tell where she lives etc. KT says she is different; he couldn’t meet a girl like him. Seema says you have become a poet even. Gunjan says this girl is very lucky and notices Rachna’s discomfort. KT says you are right. Gunjan further serves him. Everyone appreciates the girl’s cooking. KT says he didn’t know you two cook so well. Gunjan says in every girl’s fate there is cooking, like Rachna has left her work and is cooking. She says she thinks what use her study is of when she has to cook only. Mayank asks why she is saying like this. Gunjan tells him to see Rachna who ultimately has to cook at home. Bauji says it is not like that, he has no problem with Rachna’s work, he said so because of the conditions that prevailed the last days. KT says if she wants Rachna can join his office from tomorrow. Rachna says thanks KT but she has no mood to join the work again and leaves by excusing herself. Everyone except Seema gets worried.
Rachna is thinking about what KT said about the girl he is going to marry. She wipes her tears. Gunjan comes and asks what it all was on the table. Rachna asks what? She says you wanted to work for a long time but today when you got the permission you denied? Rachna says because I don’t want to work. Gunjan looks at her and asks Have you fallen in love with him?

PRECAP: Rachna comes to KT’s office. He was helping Kamla with her jewellery, she can’t bear seeing it. He asks Rachna will she help him in proposing his girl friend today evening. Rachna is shocked

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Want to see more of Kt and Rachna

  2. Man why cant ANY serial have a positive storyline?? Even here there is this seema aunty who is against this…..GOSH!


  4. Seema already knew that KT and Rachna love each other.

  5. Wow….. Beautiful episode
    Seem a always go against the good………….
    But we all love KT and RACHNA

  6. Nice episode… Wish KT and rachna good luck..

  7. SUPER episode !!!! i love it !! but it seems tha Seema aunty will be against KT and Rachna ‘s relationship

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