Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th March 2013 Written Update

Rachna and gunjan silent on shayl s questioning rabinc tells gunjan is fiddling with her shoes they end up arguing and Shayl scolds them that no competition between sisters and tells them to hug. Rachna says it was Gunjan who started everything and even now Shayl is supporting her she says its not about competition but about being mahaan gunjan ends up showing she is zero. Charu gets rachna to her room and consoles her. Mayank enquires what happened and Charu tells him about the shoe incident blaming Gunjan. Mayank consoles her and supports gunjan. He says what you see is not always true. Charu is angry mayank is not supporting his sister. Rachna opens her heart out charu tells to talk it out but rachna says noone will understand her. Charu tries to poison Mayank and he warns her to stay away from both girls. Charu is pleased with herself. Shayl is upset and Dayal comes in and asks why is she tensed. Shayl says the competition is ruining the sisters relation. She tells everything to Dayal that to make a relation it takes years but only a moment to break it. Just like one misunderstanding ruined her relation with Sneha. Dayal tells her she is the only one who kept the family together and even made Gunjan a part of this family and she will make everything right between the sisters. He says even their relation has had up s and downs but they survived.

both the sisters on bed unable to sleep gunjan thinks she has had enough while rachna thinks gunjan could not even apologize and accept her mistake even after being caught red handed.

Rachna breaks her piggy bank and when Shayl enquires she says she had agreed to donate 1100 rupees if her leg would become fine and it did. Shayl wants to talk about last night Rachna says later as she has to jog now as she could not practice yesterday.
Charu is excited that Mayank does not have to go to office as he has an internal audit and she wants to go out. He promises to drop her home and takes a jug to the kitchen to get water. Gunjan enters Mayank asks gunjan if she is happy as everything is happening according to her wishes she tells him the water in the jug is overflowing and he closes it till then gunjan leaves . Charu overhears, she is upset that she is being sent to her parents house so these two can romance

shayl is drying clothes on the terrace gunjan comes and holds her ears that it was her fault and she should not have argued. Shayl says she is glad that one me them is understanding. Gunjan asks where rachna is she says she is out jogging. Rachna is running very fast as a dog is running behind her they are laughing that she might end up breaking olympic s record and should leave a puppy on the field. Gunjan invites shayl for the race and she says she can never see her daughter s race. Gunjan tells she can look at her not at rachna, shayl tells gunjan that she is scared for both the sisters as even she is her daughter and she kisses gunjan on the forehead rachna sees this.


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