Sapne mere rango ke (RAGLAK) Chapter 1

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welcome to my story and pls pardon me for my mistakes and also like and comment


a girl is running in saree some gundas are after her – god get away from me she ran fast as she could – pls kya bigada hai hamne aapka she tries to run but can’t
she saw a little girl crossing the road and a car is coming she ran to her and saved her just in time the girl thnked her and cried and rn to her mom but as she cn run more the gunda come and tied her hand with rope . suddenly a stream of light follows down to the girl . that was the same girl whom she saved – she looks at her as she gets bigger and then changed into a god
She looks at her and the gundas tried to ran but their destiny didn’t because they were infront of the god as they saw her there eye burned and there body became a big fire that melt down in few seconds
the girl look at her with fear but then she gets shocked to see her rope burned without a burned hand

she looks up to the god and gets shocks as she hears what the goddess says to her – mei jaanti hu ki tum mughe dekh kar darr rahi ho khabra rahi ho aur yeh bhi jaanti hu ki tumhari jindagi mei bahut gahra mod aayaa hai (ragini looks at her with open mouth but then joined her hands infront of her ) i know tumare saath jo bhi hua sab galat tha pure pariwaar ne tumhra saath chod diya koi dost na hai tumhara magar mei tumhari ek iccha puri karungi mei tumhe ek shakti dena chahti hu jo tum jesi ladkiya hi sambhal sakti hai ( the goddess brightens her self and a flame enter her hands ) yeh shakti ek pure prithvi ko chalana ki shakti hai – har ek agar tum samagh sako , yeh shakti tumhare liye hai kyuki tum khaas ho sirf tum hi ho jo iss duniya mei uss rakhas ko maar sakta hai voh tum ho ( she points at her the girl is hell shocked )

GIRL -mei kese maa mei inka kya karu mei nahi janti rakshas ko mei darti bhi hu
GODDESS – janti hu mei magar jo aaj hua usse yaad rakhna shraddha rakhna sari chize khud mit jaegi aur haan galat kaam mei istamaal mat karna ragini ……………..

she then blew herself in fire that goes up in sky and then vanishes in cclouds
ragini is hell shocked
ragini thinks – yeh kya hua kya mei sapna dekh rahi hu devi mata mere saamne khadi thi – mmughe vishvav ki shakti de di yeh kya kiya unhone mei kese karungi magar kya yeh sach hai ya mera koi braham hai mei mei mei kya karu

then she saw a old lady tring to lit a fire in cold night it seems normal to her
she goes to her ask her to help
old lady – dhanyavad bet meikhana lati hu maari thodi si madad kardo
saying this she went inside , ragini gets thinking – maa ne bola tha ki mere paas vishav ko sambhalne ki shakti hai matlab aag bhi unmese ek hogi mei ek baar dekh hi sakti hu
she put her hands infront of her before she could say fire the flame come out of her hand and it was a big one that a whole house can get burned she thinks of something and lows air from mouth that less the fire ut enough for old lady
in a little while the old ldy came in then ragini goes to her apartment

in the room she changes her dress into shorts and she feels like fainting she was thinking its just a dream and then go to sleep

next day she wakes up and see that everything is normal in room she then wakes up and see there is no light
ragini – damn it !!!
she blew some breath of her on the hair linging on her eye when there come, a storm in rooms and goes away ragini looks around and say – shayad bhagwan ne mughe yeh shakti di hai , shayad mughe yeh vrdan diya hai uss shetan ke vinaash ke liye magar kon hai voh jiske liye (she puts her hand infront of her face ) mughe yeh shakti di hai aur kese jiungi mei jab yeh hawae aur yeh aag aur jo bhi har samay aage aa jati hai , kese control karungi mei ???

the scene ends on a confused face on ragini …………………….

man – haan maa mei kolkata pahuch gya
haan mein apartment dekh rha hu
yaha dreams and desire wale mei ruk rha hu
yes bas entry lene wala hu

he cuts the call and then look at the building – wow ab yeh hai naa mast jagah rehne ke liye

scene changes to ragini coming downstairs and then going out from the min gate when the hands of the man cme with her and she falls down , the man look at her and she looks at him innocently , the hairs fall on her face the man gave a hand to pic her up she puts the hnd nd stands up she feels insecure and scared she was scared she didn’t use her new found power she says – yeh aap sharukh khan wala seen kyu kar rahe hai
man – sorry vese mei laksh hu
ragini looks at him angrily her hands start to shiver laksh saw that but ignored she went away angrily …….


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  1. Wow loved Ragni and Laksh .

  2. Yashasvi

    hey anshika dear !!!!!! its awesome and ya plzz tell me is their any supernatural powers n all in this.,…………….
    but wtever its something different n i enjoyed it…………….

    Love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    keep smiling and stay blessed..??

    Yashu !!!!! ?

    1. Aww thank you, and yes there is supernatural powers it it. Thanks a lot for such a sweet comment dear ????

      1. Yashasvi

        thanxxxxx dear……………..????

      2. Yashasvi

        noops dear , no offence……………… ab me kya kru hu hi itni famous…………….
        same here tiny joke…………..

    2. Shrinjal

      Yashu….pls yaar I need ur comment in my FF….links u want it??

      1. Yashasvi

        ohhkkkk meri maa bt mere exams he 9th se toh ek par hi cmnt karungi lekin pkka baad me sab pad lugi ……………..

        chalega ?????????????///

    3. Shrinjal

      Mata Ji!!! Exams to mere bhi hai…fine don’t comment bt read it

      1. Haha that’s great chat – feel like to WhatsApp no? ??????? don’t take it at heart it’s just a tini tiny joke ????

  3. nice something new next part soon

  4. Interesting story and waiting for precap

  5. Aasthu

    Hey Anshika its nyc………..but I didn’t understand what u wrote in hindi………..plzzzzz translate it………..and frm nxt update can u write everything in eng or can u give eng subtitles????????

    1. well it means double work but i am ready as you shall also like too

      1. Aasthu

        Thank you…….so when’ll you be updating???I’m eager to read the next part……

    2. Well I am trying to update as soon as possible dear lots of love from me to you ?❤️❤️❤️???????????

  6. Sreevijayan

    Nice start dear… loved it……

  7. Awesome dear really love it. The recap was interesting . Update soon.

  8. Hi’s nice but pls wrote in English.

  9. something new nd nice start

  10. Omgggggggg supernatural story n dat too on ragini…wowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!loved it loved itt truellly loved it!!!!it ws a damnnn mindblownggg episode dear???? n rags dialogue-“ye aap srk vala scene ku kar rahe hai” hahahahahaha ,its tooooooo helarioussssss,,,,poor luckyyy??????…
    Waitng eagerlyyyy for precappppppp???
    Its a reallllly v interestngggggg story…plz post nxt part sooonnnnn☺☺??????keeep rockng n stay blessed dear????

    1. Omg omg omg thank you a lot thank you thank you………..
      I am blessed by you and God both ????I will post soon and will also add some hilarious scenes too and lots of love from me to you ???????????????? you seriously lighten up my mood

      I will post soon……

  11. nice loved it

  12. Ragz_teju


  13. Anshika


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