Sanyukt 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul enters Shree/Tanu’s room. She asks him to go out, what will anyone think if they see them together, aunty was already looking angrily. They open door and are shocked to see Ila standing. She apologizes Tanu for rejecting her 6 years ago. Tanu is surprised that Ila knows her truth now. Ila says until she is alive, nobody can separate Rahul and Tanu and hugs them emotionally. Tanu cries. Ila pampers her.

Parimal gets ready for office. Gayatri asks him to tell Rahul and Shree’s good news to Niranjan when he meets him. Parimal says he will and she can also inform when she goes to deliver lunch. Rita enters and asks Parimal to give sheera/sweet box to Niranjan. Parimal gets happy and leaves.

Prachi calls Uday and tells she needs to tell something important. Her friends taunt her. She yells at them. Uday says it must be something important. Prachi says she fought with Hetal and scolded her. Uday says it must be usual fight, why she is tensed. Prachi says this time Hetal is wrong and she always pesters her. Uday sees Parimal coming and disconnects call saying his battery has drained. Parimal scolds Uday to concentrate on studies.

Sethji is seeing meditating in ashram standing on single leg under sun. People discuss that he is doing rigorous meditation since many days and something is in his mind. Sethji reminisces all his children’s misbehavior and hatred for him.

Sam fumes reminiscing Rahul and Shree’s proximity in just one day. Ila asks what happened to him. He says he cannot digest Rahul and shree’s proximity in one day as he knows Shree used to love someone and Rahul someone else and they would not love anyone else. Ila says they may be wanting Hetal to reunite with him, their intention is good, so he should be happy.

Precap: Rahul gets romantic with Tanu and says someone will watch. Sameer watches them and yells at Tanu that he will never call her didi. Rahul tries to speak, but Sam stops him.

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