Sanyukt 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ila goes to Hetal’s house and asks why she is staying with Prachi when she has her own sister in town. Hetal asks if Sam sent her. Ila says no. Hetal says Sam wants her to patch up with her sister, which she does not want to. Ila says she is proud of her son for trying to unite 2 sisters and asks why she hates her sister so much. Hetal says her father died because of Tanu’s boyfriend, his family rejected Tanu and Tanu mentally broke down, she tried to run away from her marriage and papa could not tolerate it and died due to heart attack. She curses that Tanu’s boyfriend and his family will never be happy in their life. Ila gets teary eyed hearing this.

Tanu tells Rahul that their relationship will upset many, Hetal will hate her more and Sam was looking at her angrily, she does not anyone to be sad because of her. Rahul says for him, she is Shree now and their togetherness matters to him. He hugs her forehead. Sam enters and Rahul asks why did he did not congratulate them. Sam yells their relationship harmed his and Hetal’s relationship more, he is thankful to them for making his life worse and leaves fuming. Tanu starts crying. Rahul consoles her that he got her after so much difficulty and does not mind what world will think. If she wants her Rahul to be in pain again. She reminisces him pouring his heart out and nods no. He says whatever happens now, she will not separate from him and takes oath. He hugs her and a romantic song plays in the background.

Ila returns home reminiscing Hetal’s hate for Rahul and family. She holds Sethji’s photo and cries that the girl he rejected without seeing has returned in Rahul’s life, she does not know what to do now.

Precap: Tanu asks Rahul to go out of her room, what will anybody think if they see them together, anyways mom was very angry on her. Ila enters fuming.

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  1. I’lla don’t u dare to separate rahul and tanu

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