Santoshi Maa 9th August 2021 Written Episode Update : Mata Santoshi visits Swati

Santoshi Maa 9th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev Rishi says to Mata Santoshi, after so much hustle earth, there is finally calmness, Swati will give birth without any hurdles, Mata says all’s well that ends well, Dev Rishi says but many people on earth will be upset like Mata Samiksha, she had such simple life but because of influence from Devi Polami, it all git ruined but what now, Mata says Samkisha will be very restless now because of Devi Polami’s bad influence, she thought she had right over Prem and since she is not getting it she must be restless but if she tries to understand situation and analyse, she will find the balance, and her good character will take over the bad ones, and this transformation can be seen un Singhasan .

Singhasan monitoring arrangements for Swati’s welcome,Dheeraj says don’t worry arrangements will be like are welcoming a queen, Singhasan indeed we are, Anju says to Kunti we never knew Singhasan Bhaisahab would have this side too, he has so much love for Swati, Kunti says look he is smiling so nice, always angry, and all by blessings of Mata Santoshi, Singhasan says this is because I never met someone like Swati, I was stupid to not understand her, and now I do, I don’t want to lose it.

Rinki says Swati is really magician and she has impressed me too and requests Singhasan to accept her and Devesh marriage, Devesh says even we can go on right path, and I will prove you that and I understand meaning of family, love, and will be loyal towards Rinki, Singhasan smiles.

Swati in car with Indresh, looks at her locket, Indresh says we will be home with in half an hour, and will have a new start, Swati says yes us, our family and our child will only have happiness and no room for sadness, Swati thanks Santoshi Maa for her blessings, and prays for all good.

Lord Ganesha says to Santoshi Mata, your Devotees happiness is reflecting on your face too and you are glowing, this relation is incredible.
Tripathi’s dancing to welcome Swati and Indresh.
Kunti rushes to Swati, Swati and Indresh take elders blessings, they are welcomed with garland and aarti, Singhasan distribute money after casting off evil eye over Swati and Indresh and then says I will play drums, Dheeraj joins Singhasan, Swati praises them, Kunti feeds Swati Rasgulla and says your father got it specially for you, all walk inside celebrating and dancing.

Dev Rishi says to Mata, this is so nice, its unbelievable its the same house and family members, specially Indresh, Mata says Indresh is good by nature he was just under Mata Polami’s influence, the evil influence is finished and so he is back to his good self.

Smakisha walks to them with bags, Swati says Sammy, Samiksha says good I met you here, I wanted to talk to you, Swati says you don’t need to go anywhere and no explanation is required, I have forgotten so do you, Indresh says she is right, it was bad situation and so let’s move on, Sammy says you were not at fault, it was my plan and I tried to separate a married couple, Sammy says wrong hindi, Swati laughs corrects her and hugs her and asks her to stop crying, she can’t see her sister cry, Sammy says Thank you, Swati says let us sister pray and perform Santoshi Mata aarti together.

Swati and Tripathi family perform Santoshi Mata aarti, Swati prays to Santoshi Maa, says there is no single moment in my life where I felt you aren’t around me, you have given me everything till now and with hope you will not disappoint me, please let us worship you and you arrive in front of us, Indresh and all other’s pray for Santoshi Maa Darshan, Dev Rishi says this is so divine, I am in tears, what are you thinking Mata, eill you give her Darshan.
Lord Mahadev says, In Singhasan’ s family there is transformation and the evil is destroyed, and there is entry of positivity and calmness and by bringing her family on right path, Santoshi has done very well.
Lord Ganesha praises Santoshi and permits her.

Tripathi’s see a bright light and arrival of Mata Santoshi, all are surprised and happy, Swati starts chanting Jai Santoshi, lights go off, Swati prays please give full Darshan Mata, I want to touch your feet and apply the dust on my forehead, please Mata, Tripathi’s start chanting Jai Maa Santoshi, Swati sees there is no light and steps back and goes out looking for Mata Santoshi and prays for arrival and requests not to test her patience and says if my devotion was fullest please give Darshan, or else I will think I wasn’t good enough, your devotion is my life’s aim and looks like you aren’t happy with me, Swati sees a bright light, and Mata Santoshi arrives infront of her and says I am happy with your devotion and you are at Top when it comes to my devotion and always will br for a long time, Swati in tears gets on her knees and takes blessings.

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