Santoshi Maa 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Singhasan & his family is excited hearing Swati’s pregnancy.

Santoshi Maa 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Doctor informing Indresh & his mother to take utmost care of Swati due to her pregnancy while they both are very excited but Lovely feels very depressed. Swati is very happy along with Indresh who is expressing happiness to her.
Laila hear & plans evil against her in excitement of a child who’ll take birth in this house.
Mata Santoshi & Dev Rishi are also feeling happy & expressing their excitement too for Swati’s excellent development in life. Mata feels confused & Dev Rishi realizes asking her why she is confused & she expresses her intuition that I am scared of Swati’s child’s life which might face trouble in future & Dev Rishi also gets bugged telling her what kind of life is this of Swati who is regularly facing some other trouble & her life isn’t becoming stable but Mata controls his restlessness.
Laila asks doctor privately about Swati’s child of how many months it can be & she tells her round about 3 to 4 month but can only decide after checking thoroughly.
Laila is planning while Devesh is leaving with his family from Singhasan’s house but sees Laila waiting hence he goes to talk with her but she instead jokes with him saying that how smart you are I never knew & he tells her to not to complicate & straight away tell what happened & she tells her about Swati by which he gets bugged saying that I was tying knot with Pinky because of Swati which is useless now shattering all my future plans but Laila instigates him explaining that Swati was with you 3 months back hence the child is yours because as per doctor’s information the child might be of 3 to 4 month old but he tells her I never touched her then too she tells him you use to go drunk & go in her room & he reminds about it hence she tells him mistake must have happened by you assume & he realizes it must be & feels happy about Laila.
Dev Rishi gets wild telling Mata that this might be Devi Polomi whose powers are doing all this through Laila but Mata tells him that Devi Polomi is doing her job in which she is capable of but here Swati’s big concern arises which I had got intuition of & she reminds of Swati falling down on the knife getting hurt & tells him that as Asoor powers are ultimately surrounding her but she is capable to handle due to her devotional powers she has which is achieved by Brahmans after years & years of meditation. Dev Rishi asks Mata that is Swati going to face big trouble in her life & Mata tells him the time may come in front of her of choosing child against family & she’ll choose family.
Indresh’s mother comes running to inform Singhasan about Swati being pregnant & he becomes so very delighted that he gets emotional hugging his son Abhay as well as his brother due to the child arriving after so many years in their house & he becoming grandfather.
Indresh brings fruits & milk for Swati who tells him to not to bother much but he insists of not to take any pain henceforth but to only rest while Swati expresses her concern of stopping Pinky’s marriage with Devesh. Indresh tells her to not to bother now about them instead to only to think about their child while Laila arrives praising child’s arrival.
Singhasan warns his wife to take utmost care of Swati & also call their grandmother who use to give birth to their children’s earlier while she intimates him that they both are going to check-up & he also warns to get ready for Pinky’s marriage too & no trouble should happen in her marriage.
Indresh’s mother interferes in between Laila telling her to leave from here now as this is family affair & outsiders aren’t allowed to bring disturbance & also tells Indresh to take Swati to check-up while Laila’s evil plans run in her mind hearing her check-up.

Precap: Devesh brings toys telling Swati that in happiness I couldn’t wait to bring this. Indresh & Swati come to meet Doctor in hospital but Devesh is waiting with some evil plans while Laila intimates him to do something for stopping Indresh from meeting doctor. Indresh asks doctor will it take 8 months for him to become father but she tells him that she is already…& they both are shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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