Santoshi Maa 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati’s mother in law & Anju are cheering her.

Santoshi Maa 8th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati feeling very depressed learning about the change in behaviour of Indresh but Mata Santoshi explaining her that to not to think wrong about him but think positive that he might be busy in his work due to which he reacted negatively with you & also your health mustn’t take toll on these matters.

Indresh is enjoying the dance while Swati calls but Samiksha picks answering her & she fools her asking Indresh if he wishes to talk but she says ok if you do not wish to talk now & want to keep dancing but hearing this Swati breaks into tears falling phone from her hands.

Devi Polomi is enjoying watching the conditions of Mata Santoshi’s devotee Swati which has become helpless thinking her devotee Samiksha itself is doing good work in which she has no room for interference.

Mata Santoshi & Dev Rishi arrive meet Devi Polomi. Mata says that you haven’t yet stopped interfering in my devotee’s life but Devi Polomi says that I am not doing anything in this instead your devotee’s husband does not have any control now hence let both of them tackle their situation. She reminds them especially Dev Rishi that you might be knowing the earlier incidence of Vishwamitra & Menka when Devraj Indra was scared of losing his chair due to Vishwamitra’s deep meditation & you (Dev Rishi) had informed this to Devraj Indra itself hence Indra appointed Menka to break his meditation for safeguarding his chair so in the same way Indresh is Vishwamitra & Menka is Samiksha of this Kalyug world. Mata tells her that Indresh isn’t a simple person but he is special one & whenever you tried your evil tactics you have always failed while Devi Polomi says what specialty he is having of losing control towards beauty & she laughs but Mata & Dev Rishi leave from there while Devi Polomi enjoys her tackling strategy.

Dev Rishi complains Mata that this is first time we returned without answering her but she tells him she is right because she hasn’t done anything in this instead it’s Devesh behaviour which has changed due to wish of taking experience of outside world because he has achieved whatever he wished hence has become selfish but in this only Swati has to keep control on herself of not indulging into negative thoughts & she has to handle him.

Swati along with everybody have sat to eat food but she is in depressed mood while her mother in law is serving her food but she says she has no mood now to eat while Rinky says that I understand due to Indresh you aren’t in mood but what to do as it happened accidentally of Deveshji or he would had gone there while Samiksha’s father also says that if you wish I’ll call Indresh immediately to return back but Singhasan says not now & there is no harm as we all are here to take care of Swati & there Samiksha is also alone in those jungles hence let him work & Swati too shakes her head.

Swati goes inside her room watching the light is blown off from front of Mata’s photo so she lights it while her mother in law along with Anju & Lovely follow her & her mother in law tries to give her something to eat but she is refusing hence Anju & her mother in law perform a skit to cheer her & she laughs on their joke.

Indresh has intoxicated & writing Swati’s name on mud taking her name but Samiksha watching this rubs the name telling him name written on mud gets wiped out but he says you can’t wipe Swati’s name from my heart while Swati tried calling him but no response hence she tells her mother in law that she’ll definitely convince Indresh later.

Precap: Indresh & Samiksha are enjoying drink in the car. Singhasan asks his wife if all arrangements are done of Satwa Pooja & she says all Pooja arrangements are ready & later on Swati’s pregnancy ceremony will take place. Samiksha’s father says son Indresh is missing who should arrive in time while Swati is silent. Anju also says only smile is missing telling to Swati but Lovely says it’ll come when Indresh arrives.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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