Santoshi Maa 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Singhasan plans to send all family members out of town.

Santoshi Maa 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indresh thanks ushma but ignores her help while ushma explains him showing his hands which are now slowly working due to showing his true love towards swati of whom you cannot tolerate abusing her anybody but he ignores saying I am taking medicine for this but she asks him why can’t you accept you still love her while nidhi too comes asking him what had happened to you when they were abusing swati & he tells her too that how much bad swati might be but not a b*t*h which I can’t tolerate & nidhi blames herself saying I am a fool who is staying with you here in your house & you appreciate swati’s behavior.
Indresh’s mother also comes calming nidhi but instead she is telling her to be away as I am seeing he still loves swati while ushma also accepts saying you are right as you are not meant for each other as he is devoted to swati & nidhi gets annoyed. Singhasan blames indresh that firstly you married brahman’s girl which was a mistake & now you have chosen this girl so to please co-operate with bubbly whatever she is doing & indresh asks forgiveness from nidhi & singhasan too but nidhi leaves saying I wish to go to my house.
Ushma steers indresh & prays santoshi mata saying to rejoin indresh & swati again because I feel indresh has clean heart & has the same love for swati watching his anger or he wouldn’t had reacted so wildly but mata tells her nobody knows if they unite again as indresh is paralyzed & swati away from this world powerless.
Nidhi accuses bubbly but instead bubbly warns her showing knife & both of them are arguing while nidhi blames her face creating trouble in her relations with indresh but ushma interferes saying this is the face which reminds indresh sweet memories of his time spent with swati in happier days. Nidhi gets bugged & leaves while bubbly accuses ushma trying to show knife but ushma converts the knife into apple with her actual powers & tells her to eat for your good health while bubbly gets surprised.
Nidhi throws the ring forcing singhasan that I wish to leave this house because I do not see any love of indresh towards me but indresh’s mother is calming her then too she becomes adamant & finally singhasan plans to send all of them to their another house while he’ll sort out this matter on his own & they all get happy but ushma hears & says I won’t allow anybody to leave this house.
All family members getting ready putting baggage in their car while ushma takes out the keys of the car & as they get ready to leave but do not find keys so indresh’s uncle searching the keys while ushma comes showing them the keys telling everybody unless the matter is not sorted nobody can leave this house & singhasan asks her what matter so she asks him to tell the truth about what happened with swati & the goons were sent by you to kill her but indresh says we had sent only to warn her & not to kill & tells his father to explain her as singhasan tells her I am here to answer but you cannot stop my family to go out. Their village head also comes there seeing family is leaving out of town so he too insists ushma to let them go but she refuses. Meanwhile bubbly comes with her demand of money of divorce settlement unless not given I too won’t leave so ushma tells village head to tell them to put one crore in our hands & we leave them alone as all are shocked & bubbly gets joyful hearing one crore which she might get with help of ushma.

Precap : Indresh cancels to go out of town. All singhasan’s family members trying to perform Pooja of gods but can’t do due to ushma’s curse on them. Bubbly steals money from singhasan while ushma follows her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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