Santoshi Maa 30th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati is searching the lost security Band while Indresh slaps her.

Santoshi Maa 30th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati realizing her security band being missing hence runs to search near the car while Indresh is shouting to stop her & Singhasan keeps abusing her for not caring of her pregnancy. Swati is searching telling him she has lost the band but Indresh says that you won’t listen this way & picks her slapping on her face tightly. Swati is stunned while all are shocked but Rinky is joking of behaving like a fool while Samiksha laughs saying now she’ll know her actual position in Indresh’s life. Swati pleads Indresh to please only search the band & won’t ever complain for anything while her mother in law tells her to let’s see if it’s fallen inside the house & all disburse but some passer-by also curse Swati for behaving mad whom they should keep in mental asylum. Singhasan from behind appreciates Samiksha for creating of mad blame on Swati due to which people are also blaming her.

Dev Rishi & Mata Paravati meet inside the den used for planning strategy by Devi Polomi to search the band hence Mata finds it becoming very dirty & tells Dev Rishi to see what had happened with this band given by Mata Paravati while Devi Polomi also comes to joke with her saying it’s sad to see such a condition of this security band which could not secure your devotee also but Mata warns her saying that this is last time I am warning you to stay away from Swati & her child’s life & do not force me to forget I am a Devi & leaves while Dev Rishi also intimates her to be silent if she does not wish to see Devi Ushma again & Devi Polomi feels shocked & alerted.

Swati sits in front of Shri Ganeshji’s photo praying to help her find that security band given to her by Santoshi Didi & also signals to her mother in law to call Indresh for Pooja but when she tries he refuses telling his mother that he does not wish to do anything with Swati while this is just a Pooja hence his mother signals to Singhasan but then too he refuses & Singhasan informs rest of them to join due to God’s blessings & Swati begins the Pooja & Aarti while Shri Ganesh is in meditation.

Mata Santoshi arrives to her father Shri Ganesh intimating him of losing the security band by her devotee Swati which was taken away by the Asoor woman & also asks help if there is any solution to secure her while Shri Ganesh tells her the solution is already stated in her Aarti words but she is confused hence he tells her that let your devotee’s husband perform a small Pooja donating food too seven children’s so that his brains will become stable & everything will become alright & Mata praises him for showing the right path.

Swati is sleeping but remembering about the incidence happened & Indresh slapping her by which she gets up in shock while Anju watching this comes inside to handle her & Swati hugs her in pain thinking about Indresh’s behaviour. Swati again tries to sleep taking name of Mata & she dreams of Mata Santoshi who comes to intimate her to do what Shri Ganeshji had told her & Swati coming out of the dream praises Mata for showing her the path.

Mata tells Dev Rishi that Swati has known now what she has to do but Dev Rishi asks her after all this she has faced from Indresh then is it possible to convince him while Mata says Swati has that ability due to her pure devotion.

Precap: Tridevi’s throw powerful powder on Asoor woman Tadaka while she screams coming in her actual form saying that nor you can punish me nor arrest me & scatters plucking surrounding things all around the place just to scare them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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