Santoshi Maa 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gaumata asking why can’t we see Trishna’s mum. Santoshi Maa says its Maya. Devi Paulmi says my Maya is great, no one can touch it. Kamini hides. Santoshi goes back. Kamini says I m that Maya, which you can’t catch. Sharmili troes to wake up Guddu. She puts water on him and wakes him. Madhuri says Sharmili is very angry, when wife gets angry once, it is tough to convince her, you convince her with love, keep trying.

Santoshi comes home. Dhairya and Trishna see her. Trishna asks did you go to find a house for yourself. Santoshi says I m not like you to attack on other’s house, I have my own house. Dhairya scolds her and says where did you go, this is not hotel to go and come anytime. Santoshi says leave my hand, you want to know why I left door open and went. Kamini comes and asks Trishna, what happened, why are you arguing with maid. Santoshi thinks if she is here, who was there. Dhairya thinks this maid got mad. Trishna asks Santoshi to say it.

Kamini says mad people have sleepwalking habit, go and sleep. Gaumata says how did Kamini come back. Santoshi Maa says the truth will come out soon. Its morning, Kamini and Trishna do puja. Santoshi comes there and sees them. Kamini says you can’t do puja here. Santoshi asks why not, you do your puja and let me do my puja. She thinks not to insult heir devi. Kamini says till our puja ends, you can’t do puja here, go from here. Santoshi goes.

Gaumata says such puja happens in asur lok. Santoshi Maa says how long will she hide her real identity. Devi Paulmi smiles and says same way, Devi Santoshi’s idol will be removed. Santoshi tells Kaka that Trishna is not letting her do puja, they are doing puja, its all smoke there. She thinks to do puja in hall. She lights diya and prays. Santoshi Maa blesses her. Devi Paulmi gets angry and sends some light towards Kamini’s havan to trouble Santoshi.

Santoshi’s puja effect reached Trishna and Kamini’s puja. Trishna’s diyas blow off. Trishna gets shocked seeing the havan kund fire blowing off. Kamini gets shocked. Santoshi Maa smiles. Kamini says Santoshi is sharper than I thought, I have to do something of her. Santoshi thinks Santoshi Maa is always with me. Trishna says I will not leave Santoshi. Kamini stops her. She asks her to distribute prasad to everyone, whoever eats it will be in your control, don’t forget to feed it to Kaka. Trishna smiles.

Guddu asks Sharmili to listen, and apologizes. He says I will do tapasya, why are you behaving such, am I not your husband. She slips. He holds her. They smile. Soch na sake……plays……… She goes. He says she did not even thank me. Trishna gives prasad to servants. She asks Kaka to have it. He says sorry, I can’t take it. She says its prasad. He says I don’t know your devi, prasad is mix of devotion and feelings, sorry. Kamini comes and says maybe you don’t know Devi Paulmi, but prasad is prasad.

Kaka eats prasad. Trishna goes. Kaka feels restless and thinks to call Santoshi. He falls on the bed. Santoshi comes there and asks is he is sleeping. She gets shocked seeing him unconscious and shouts to Dhairya. She rushes to Dhairya and asks him to come fast, something happened to Kaka, he is not waking up. Dhairya gets shocked and rushes to Kaka. He asks Kaka to wake up. Santoshi says don’t know what happened to him. Trishna says don’t worry, he will get up if you sprinkle water. Santoshi says I did that, he did not wake up. Trishna asks what’s harm to do again. Dhairya calls doctor. Gaumata asks did they try to kill Kaka, he is only supported of Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says I think they did this to hurt him mentally, not physically.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid, reading this update is bad enough, I don’t think i can watch the episode!! How long is Trishna/Pauloumi are going to get away with her evil deeds? Santoshi maa signature phrase, truth will come out? Just give it time!! I hope when Dhariya learns the truth of Trishna he will hang his head in shame, for his despicable behaviour towards Santoshi. What happened to Santoshi maa Grandfather, he is the most powerful god? I thought he was helping to stop devil winning?

  2. Alister La Frenais

    Good always triumphs over evil, or so the saying goes! but this serial is showing how evil can succeed when you have stupid do gooders and Gods with four arms and three heads in charge. By the way, how is that Devi Paulomi says she is the daughter of a demon and yet afforded a place in Devlok. Also the God Shiva the boss of all Gods is such a useless twit that he allowing Devi Paulomi to receive demonic powers and yet he does nothing. It would pay Santoshi to stop being a devotee of Santoshi Maa and become a heathen, then she can set about killing off all the people that have done her wrong.

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