Santoshi Maa 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi crying seeing her parents. Her aunties cry and worry for Santoshi, saying who will take care of her now. Dadi asks them not to worry, as she will take care of Santoshi. Vinayak and Riddhima’s dead bodies are taken away for final rites. Santoshi cries and hugs Dadi. The aunties talk on how they cried so much to show the neighbors. They both refuse to take Santoshi, and argue. Santoshi hears them. The aunt feels Santoshi should have died too, we will discuss what to do.

Vinayak’s brother bargain for the woods for final rites. The man says he will not charge more less amount. Vinayak’s brother bargains and then does the final rites. Santoshi’s Tau gets sad and cries. He says we will not go so soon, as fire did not blow off till now. Santoshi’s Chacha ji says we gave shoulder, we can’t sit here till morning, come, take ashes from here in morning, He asks him to come, as Vinayak has gone to heaven.

Tau asks his wife Daksha to take care of Santoshi. Chacha ji asks his wife Madhvi to take all work with Santoshi and give her some food. Daksha says her husband has to agree to her, she wants Vinayak’s bed, get that in my room, then I will keep Santoshi. Madhvi says I will kick out Santoshi if she does not work. They all gather in Vinayak’s room to take away things.

Chacha says Santoshi is their daughter also, and wants share with them. He says we will divide the things here, we all have right on it. Madhvi tells Dakshak that she is very clever, she also wants these things. Santoshi comes there and Daksha takes her, saying Santoshi I my daughter, so I will get all her parents’ belongings. She asks her husband to go. Madhvi says great, and argues with her. Santoshi recalls her parents and their moments in that room. Vinayak gifted the beautiful saree to Riddhima. Santoshi asks how is it, I chose this saree. Riddhima says very nice, just like you. She cries seeing her aunties snatching the sarees and fighting. She runs to Dadi.

Santoshi Mata sees this. Narad Muni asks her how will Santoshi stay there between those selfish people. Santoshi Mata says every human’s fate is decided, its not like our devotees have to face hurdles, they get strength by devotion. Narad says I hope little Santoshi wins this time. She smiles.

Santoshi brings Dadi there and shows how her aunties are fighting for Riddhima’s saree. Dadi asks her sons Janardhan and Seeshnath whats happening here. Madhvi says I will tell you, we all thought to take the things, as Vinayak and Riddhima have died. Santoshi takes Mata’s pic and smiles. She takes that pic and gives Dadi. Dadi smiles and takes Santoshi with her, while the aunties argue.

Tau says we were dividing things and think to divide the room also. Dadi asks where will Santoshi live. Daksha says she will lie anywhere in corner of house. Santoshi says I will sleep here Dadi. Dadi gets sad. Daksha says she will lock the door, so that no one takes hold of it tomorrow. Madhvi worries. Santoshi cries. Mata sees her.

Santoshi makes her sleeping arrangements and lies down. Mata Santoshi takes her in her lap and sings lullaby for her. Santoshi sees Riddhima in her and smiles. Mata makes her sleep and smiles. Paulvi says tomorrow morning will bring many hurdles for Santoshi. Mata leaves. Daksha and Madhvi see Santoshi smiling in her sleep and think she is laughing on their foolishness. They make some plan to get rid of Santoshi by making her run away in morning and laugh. Mata hears them and sees Santoshi.

The aunties drop a vessel to wake up Santoshi. They make her work in kitchen and scold her. They stop Santoshi from going to school. Santoshi cries. They make her do all the work. Dadi asks her to trust Santoshi Maa.

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  1. i wish i was santoshi.. then maa santosi sings to sleep me….

  2. Maa santoshi is always with u. U need not be santoshi fr that dear. Maa loves the person as they are.

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