Santoshi Maa 24th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Devi ushma & devi polomi battle.

Santoshi Maa 24th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata santoshi & dev rishi insisting swati to try coming out of the wheel chair but she is unable so dev rishi advises her to pray for mata santoshi & accordingly she does & gets powers in her legs by becoming strong to lift herself from wheel chair while indresh also gets up from his bed feeling about swati & his all family members are delighted to see his health improving.
Dev rishi takes leave from mata santoshi while swati goes to bring fruits for mata.
Indresh again becomes unconscious while his mother feels depressed but nidhi explains her might be slowly he is recovering so it’ll take time for him to heal.
Mata santsohi is explaining swati about family bonding giving example of shri ram & devi sita & swati asks her do you also have a family & mata tells her I have a vast family while mata paravati tells mahadev that you as a head of this family is getting explanation from santoshi to swati about our family itself & mahadev reacts smilingly.
Devi polomi is arrogantly asking dev rishi that did you see the condition of swati & is she remembering her past but he doesn’t answer & polomi says asoor powers do not leave so easily hence she won’t remember her past inspite her mata around her but devi ushma replies her to not to worry as mata santoshi’s powers are so strong that you as a foolish asoor can’t destroy it & devi polomi tries to instigate ushma so that she’ll get released & devi polomi is insulting about mata santoshi which makes devi usham angry but dev rishi is trying to stop ushma telling her that polomi is doing deliberately to get released then too polomi says if you have guts then you’ll release me to fight with you instead clutching me which is not the sign of bravery & ushma release her telling I give you one chance now & they begin their battle.
Devraj indra sees saying this will create furor in the world while dev rishi leaves to intimate mata santoshi.
Anju is pressing indresh’s mother’s legs while singhasan comes giving them news of indresh’s health improving so decides to enjoy grand Diwali festival this time.
Dev rishi comes to ask mata santoshi that devi ushma & devi polomi are fighting so what to do? But mata intimates him that swati’s health is improving & dev rishi expresses his happiness then too asks mata what about the fight & mata intimates ushma that time has come to end this battle.

Precap : Devi ushma tells devi polomi that you always crossed your limits in evil acts hence today I’ll punish you strongly & ushma defeats polomi by hitting her sword towards her body while mata santoshi, mata paravati & devraj indra are shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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