Santoshi Maa 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati & her child is saved by Tridev’s due to Indresh’s meditation.

Santoshi Maa 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tridev’s along with their respective Devi’s are watching Indresh who is chanting Pooja mantra for safety of his wife & child’s life while Devi Polomi watches Yamraj moving towards Swati to take away both of their souls & becomes relaxed thinking that my wait is over due to Yamraj leaving for his job.
Doctor is volunteering the condition of Swati & her child’s movement in computer screen which reflects no sign of child’s movement. Yamraj arrives asking permission from Tridev’s for allowing him to take away their soul’s for which their time has arrived as per destiny written.
Indresh keeps chanting mantra sitting under tree of Vat-Vruksha for the whole night while Devi Polomi wonders thinking his devotion should not hamper her plans. Mata Santoshi arrives near Indresh telling Devi Polomi that you won’t stop your evil plans so I only have to do something & uses her powers to secure Indresh from her evil powers while Devi Polomi is shocked to see her there doing something.
Yamraj awaits Tridev’s decision for taking away their souls while next day morning rises & still Indresh keeps chanting mantra hence Tridev’s look towards each other & uses their powers to change the destiny graph for movement of child to happen & Yamraj is moved away from there getting signal from Tridev but Devi Polomi gets wild watching the destiny book graph being changed shouting it’s impossible while doctor is overjoyed watching the movement of child feeling it’s miracle.
Mata Santoshi along with Dev Rishi too become joyful & delighted watching the child being safe along with Swati & also watching Yamraj returning but Devi Polomi is angered blaming Mata Santoshi for using her tricky powers with support of Tridev’s.
Singhasan calls Indresh that the child is safe along with Swati too & he feels so very delighted that he prays Tridev’s saying who are truly in this tree having heard his prayers & saved his family hence he thanks them & leaves to see Swati & his child.
Indresh reaches hospital hugging his father while doctor shows him his child’s movement which is also seen by Lovely & Rinky who are very delighted. Singhasan also praises God for helping his son by saving child & his wife.
Devi Polomi gets very wild on Mata Santoshi but Devraj Indra arrives to calm her & she complains about Tridev’s who has helped her while he assures her he’ll go to ask Prabhu Mahadev in Kaliash of this tricky partial decision & she too instigates him saying that you are Gods head hence you have to question them rightfully for which they are answerable.
Indresh rests near Swati talking with her in his deep emotions but she is still in unconscious conditions while watching this nurse also appreciates their love towards each other. Indresh tells her it’s only because of Prabhu Mahadev this miracle happened.
Mata Paravati intimates Prabhu Mahadev to see how your devotee is praising you spreading knowledge of your devotion in people while Swati also has become your devotee too because of him while he tells her it comes from within a person’s heart.
Mata Santoshi along with Dev Rishi arrives to praise Prabhu Mahadev for helping her devotee but he tells them he has earned these blessings with his pure devotion while Mata praises Indresh’s devotion towards him which is ultimate.

Episode ends
Precap: Dev Rishi singing prayers & dancing praising Prabhu Narayan in joyful mood due to Swati & her child being safe. Devi Polomi along with Devraj Indra arrive to ask Prabhu Mahadev their query of destiny change in Swati’s case. Prabhu Mahadev along with Mata Paravati is explaining Devraj Indra for reminding him of earlier incidence in case of child Markandi who was also saved from death which was written in his destiny too.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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