Santoshi Maa 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Mata Santoshi along with Tridevi’s also bless Swati & her child.

Santoshi Maa 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati’s internal rituals are performed by her mother in law & later on song & dance takes place while Swati is wondering why Indresh hasn’t arrived yet. All family members are showering their blessings on her & her child pouring various kinds of gifts.

Indresh & Samiksha arrive while Lovely informs Swati & she moves quickly towards him in wake of hugging but he holds her saying to take care but she feels depressed due to he hasn’t hugged her while Indresh isn’t in proper shape of mood either & Samiksha feels better watching this hence she gives her the gift brought for her child.

Indresh is meeting all his family members while Swati feels depressed due to Indresh not coming near her but her mother in law watching this calms her saying due to long time being passed hence might be meeting everybody.

Mata Santoshi along with Tridevi’s arriving in disguise to shower their blessings on Swati & her child while Swati is surprised to see them & Mata introduces them as her temple friends. Mata Santoshi performs her rituals on Swati & Mata Paravati intimates her to give the chain while Swati appreciates the chain asking how nice is it & Mata tells her tying the chain on her right hand that this is security chain for you & your child which should not be removed at any cost whatever situation faced & Swati assures her accordingly while Swati’s mother in law praises their love for her. All Tridevi’s also pour their blessings on her gifting various items including showering their various blessings too on her & her child.

Devi Polomi gets wild throwing her anger of bowl in air telling Shukracharya that now Tridevi’s have also reached to bless her along with Devi Santoshi & I am left alone hence my existence will finish but he suggests her to recollect all her powers together to fight in this situation & she takes oath of it accordingly.

A small song & dance celebration takes place in which Indresh is also dancing along with everybody but Swati is still feeling depressed about him but Mata Santoshi feels to talk with Indresh while Mata Paravati stops her saying that this is issue between husband & wife hence they’ll handle on their own & Mata Saraswati with Mata Laxmi also signal her the same as per Mata Paravati’s advise & intimate her that they have to leave now.

Indresh smiles watching Swati hence comes immediately leaving dance & sits besides her while Swati feels relaxed & happy about it. Mata Santoshi also feels relaxed hence intimates Swati that we have to leave now but Swati’s mother in law praises them for coming to bless her saying won’t allow to leave without having to eat something & she offers sweets to them. All Tridevi’s collectively says that we have blessings on Swati & her child while Swati’s mother in law & Swati are surprised about their collective narration & Mata Santoshi interrupts saying they are well-wishers of her hence all of them take leave from Swati & her family.

Devraj Indra is practicing weapon fight which he wins while Devi Polomi arrives & watching this praises him but intimates him about Girl child’s birth to Swati & he asks is it the same blessed by Tridev’s & yes she says telling that it was all planned hence how can I tackle Tridevi’s now so need your help in this but he says it’s difficult & she says won’t you help your wife in difficult situation hence he agrees & she feels happy.

Precap: Swati watches clips in Samiksha’s phone of Indresh close with her & gets very depressed crying for him. Samiksha tells Swati that I knew somewhere must have left my phone but watching it she asks Swati did you see the clips while Swati is crying.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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