Santoshi Maa 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati is performing pooja of mahadev.


Santoshi Maa 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with santoshi explains swati that behind people’s good deeds gods are parents likewise for behind people’s evil deeds administrators are like devi polomi so swati asks is it devi polomi who is doing all this evil & polomi says laughing yes swati I am the actual culprit behind all this.
Swati tells santoshi mata that if this is it then I am ready to do whatever to impress gods against polomi to clear all this evil happening against indresh, me & all other people involved.
All gods are discussing about santoshi who is doing a great work to bring peace & harmony in this world but will be very difficult to perform.
Devi polom also says human is a fool who does not understand that he or she cannot impress gods so easily.
Swati asks santoshi mata to advise me how to start doing fast so that gods & goddesses have to hear me inspite me doing all such fast & Pooja then too I am facing all kinds of trouble in my life & santoshi mata tells her you have to do mahadev’s “Rudra Abhishek” fast for sixteen Monday’s wherein this falls in mahadev’s region to get impressed & swati accepts this challenge while santoshi tells her this is very hard going ahead for you to do so asks her are you ready? & swati says yes & challenges polomi saying now you have to face santoshi mata’s devotee while polomi is shocked hearing this as swati says to polomi that if you are responsible for all this then you have to face punishment & mahadev has to give me justice.
Nidhi is leaving for her commitment as a doctor but indresh’s parents trying to explain her to not to go as indresh is your husband also & needs you now but she back answers them saying I have already given him injection which will make him sleep for long till time what I’ll do getting bored so I am leaving & need for his arises then call me & I’ll come so she leaves while sister in law curses her but indresh’s father shouts her. Indresh’s aunty too says yes as now you have to sit besides indresh because you have thrown out swati who could had taken care of him & nidhi will only keep giving medicines but indresh’s father shouts her too.
Devi polomi is upset seeing the developments in indresh’s house while dev rishi comes to pinch her about swati’s devotion which is very great by how santoshi mata had too got impressed & polomi says I accept the challenge of swati but dev rishi advises her to think before accepting the challenge as asoor’s have always lost in such challenges but polomi says swati is just a human so how can she face my weapon & she throws her bow on sky to show the power to dev rishi & he smiles seeing bow & she is displaying her powers asking can she face this but dev rishi tells her devotion kills all powers & think that you as a devi trying to challenge human which is below your standard & she keeps thinking while dev rishi leaves.
Swati starts the Pooja of shivling with help of santoshi mata & dev rishi while mahadev watches her & swati is appreciating the shivling too.
Indresh starts feeling scared telling his parents about it & his father calls nidhi to come soon but she advises him to give medicine kept there & keeps the phone so indresh’s father wonders about her but again calls her to come but then too she tells him i’ll finish my work & will try to come soon & his father gets confused.
Mata paravati asks mahadev what kind of love is this saying seems nidhi is trying to run away from her actual duties towards her husband which does not show her pure love towards him so mahadev explains her that this is happening because of devi polomi’s powers in human which has spread as human tries to hide his evil & keeps blaming pure devotee’s deeds showing wrong directions within themselves which might go ahead to destroy this world completely due to kalyug.
Swati is performing Pooja of mahadev while polomi is wondering why devi santoshi’s mantra chanting reaching to me.
Dev rishi in disguise of brahman is guiding swati to perform Pooja with rituals accordingly of mahadev.
Dev rishi tells swati to keep your thoughts in front of mahadev while polomi says that swati you are unnecessarily challenging me as human cannot win against devi.
Swati puts her heartfelt thoughts in front of mahadev saying due to devi polomi my life has being destroyed & also my husband is angry with me but I do not have any grudges towards devi polomi then too why I am getting punishment if I am not at any mistake so please help to stop this evil towards me of devi polomi or atleast answer my plead.
Dev rishi also prays mahadev looking up & santoshi mata smiles looking towards shivling.
Mata paravati tells mahadev that I too support for dev rishi & santoshi. Devi polomi comes to meet mahadev & paravati mata asking mahadev can you clear me what happens by support if a human keeps pleading so one day all gods powers will reduce & finish, am I right? So mahadev says you are right devi polomi while paravati mata wonders.
Swati, dev rishi & santoshi mata pray mahadev while doing Pooja.

Precap : Devi polomi is complaining her gurudev that because of swati’s devotion mahadev is ceasing all my powers & guru tells her that gods have always done this we asoors as & when but conditions have occurred in such a way that he can cease your powers due to devotion is won by mahadev’s meditation then polomi says I’ll kill swati finally.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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