Sanskar: I love you Swara. Swara: I love you too (Episode 4) (SwaSan’s Engagement)

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Hey!! I’m back with a new episode!! I know you all are eager for the suspense! Dont worry, I’ll open it soon..

The episode starts with Kavita and Sanskar talking..

“Okay? Is that fine?” Sanskar says at the end of their talk.

“Yeah. I too wanted that.. Thank You!” Kavita says.

“Soo…. Wait, where’s Swara? Did she not come yet?” Sanskar asks while making a worried face.

“Don’t worry Sanskar… She will come.” Kavita assured him.

Soon, Swara reaches there along with Shekar and Sharmishtha who looked happy. But, Swara looked sad.

“What will happen? I don’t know… Please God.. Give me strength so that I dont cry there..” Swara thought while a tear escapes her eyes.

Sanskar saw her and rushed towards her. He held her arm and bought her to a side which was unnoticed by everyone.

“What are you doing Sanskar? Leave me. If someone will see us.. Then?” Swara says and tries to free her hand from his grip..

“Listen to me Swara… I will marry you only.. Just wait for few minutes then I’ll get enaged to you… I promi….” Before he could say more, she runs.

Soon AP calls Sanskar and Kavita for engagment. They reach on the stage and Pandit asks Kavita to slid the ring in Sanskar’s finger.

“ Please wait a second… I wanna say something.” Sanskar says.

AP and DP started feeling worried as they guessed they knew what did Sanskar wanted to say..

(Shyam, Kavita’s BF is also there.)

“Wh.. What happened Sanskar?” DP asked while looking a bit insecure.

“I cant marry Kavita.. Oops no.. I WONT marry kavita..” He said and stretched the word ‘Won’t’.

Swara also knew what would happen next. She felt happy but pretended as she was sad. As SheMish were there and were equally shocked.

“But why Sanskar?” Sujata asked him.

“Because I love someone else…” He said while looking towards Swara.

“Who??” Sujata asks.

“SWARA!!” Sanskar says.

All were shocked present there.

“But then what about Kavita?” RP asks.

“Dont worry uncle.. Even I agree with Sanskar.. I dont wanna marry him instead I love someone else..” She says this while looking towards Shyam while he smiles looking at her.

All were relived but shocked too.

Sanskar walked towards Swara. “Swara…Will you marry me?” He asked her while forwarding his hand.

“Will you…?” Sanskar asked her again.

Swara looked towards SheMish for answer. They both nodded in agreement. Swara was teary eyes and gave her hand to him. They both headed towards the stage.

“But beta.. We also agree… But how did Kavita agree?” AP asks.

(Kavita has gone with Shyam already)

Sanskar began telling her. A FB starts.
FB starts

Sanskar and Kavita are talkung in a side.

“Kavita.. I don’t wanna marry you…” Sanskar hesitates but says.

“What?!” Kavita says beung shocked and unable to belive.

“Yes.. Do you…..” Before he could say anything, she begans.

“Voo.. Even I don’t love you.. I love Shyam!” Kavita says and they’re shocked but happy.

FB ends

All were surprise.

“Please start the engagment..” Pandit says.

“Jii haa.. Swara make him wear this ring..” Sujata says and shows her one ring.

Swara slids the ring in his finger. Both are enaged.

Precap: The marriage date is fixed and SwaSan’s date.

Hello everyone! Thank you all for your comments! So, how was this episode? Do let me know if you liked it or not as I wrote it in a hurry….
Please comment..

Take Care
Keep Smiling

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  1. Zeestum2

    Yay first one to comment! So the part was amazing ?????? i was waiting for this part from a long time shrinjuuu!!! ????

  2. Nagamanasa

    Superb shrinju…finally they got engaged..update next one soon dear

  3. Mica

    yaayyyy…. congrat for engagement my Swasan…

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  6. Vyshu10

    yayyy…swasan got engaged

  7. Mahjabeen

    Yeahh shrinjuu loved da ws amazingg….waitng fr nxt..
    Saty bleesed
    Keep smiling??

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