Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs) by Mars Shot 4


Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs)
Shot 4:
New York, USA
Sanskar’s Apartment:
Sanskar opened the door and swasan came inside.
Sanskar:swara this is my house and now yours also.So how is it?
Swara(smiles): nice I like more small apartments then mansion.
Sanskar:me too that’s why I choosed this one.
Swara looked around and observe that it is dully arranged.
Swara:who has arraged the things?
Sanskar: I had only done.what happened?
Swara:if u don’t mind may I say something?
Sanskar: yeah sure.
Swara: house is looking very dull.
Sanskar(smiles): I know bcoz there was no one to take care. Most of the time i m in office.
Sanskar:but now u can change it according to your choice.
Sanskar: yes.
Swara: thank you.
Later they had their dinner which sanskar has ordered from hotel and both slept in sanskar’s room.

Next morning:
Swara got up early as she didn’t slept properly due to change of time.she wore simple black plazo suit and went down. She cleaned the house in one hour.
Till now sanskar had also waken. Swara went to kitchen for making breakfast. She got disappointed as there were only few things and nothing to make Indian food.
After preparing pasta and toast along with orange juice she went to call Sanskar.
As swara was about to enter in her room, Sanskar came from front and both striked with each other. Sanskar held swara to prevent her from falling.
Sanskar: where are u running?
Swara(pout): I was coming to call u but u yourself came.
Sanskar (laughs): okay
Swara:let’s have breakfast.
Sanskar:u made also?
Swara: yes.
Swasan went to dining table and swara serve breakfast to Sanskar and herself.
They were silently eating. Swara was willing to ask something from him but was not knowing how?Sanskar noticed her hesitation.
Sanskar: swara u want to say something?
Swara: yes actually there is no stuff for making Indian food and need decorative material also.
Sanskar: okay then let’s go for shopping.
Swara nodded and smile.
After cleaning dishes, Swara came to sanskar who was in hall working on laptop.
Swara: sanskar Ji let’s go.
Sanskar: hmm
Both left to nearby mall.

Swasan came inside and started purchasing things. Only swara is buying sanskar is busy on mobile.
After taking food stuff they went to clothes shop.
Swara is selecting curtains when she asked
Swara: Sanskar Ji which colour will look more beautiful black or brown?
Sanskar (busy on mobile): any u wish?
Swara signed seeing him paying no attention. Later, she didn’t asked him and select everything of her choice.

After doing shopping, Sanskar payed the bill.
While going
Sanskar: swara anything is left to buy?
Swara (thinks): I don’t remember.
Sanskar: don’t worry now u get to know the mall whenever u want,come and take.
Swara: okay
From front Nikita came. She saw Sanskar and ran to him.
Nikita(hug him): Sanskar u here?
Sanskar was beyond shocked. He never expected such situation. Swara was busy in her own world thinking that she forget to buy something or not.
Sanskar(break the hug): yeah.
Don’t know why sanskar held swara’s hand. Feeling his touch swara came to senses. Nikita looked at their entangled Hands with confusion.Even Sanskar don’t know why he held swara’s hand may be he don’t want to let her go.
Nikita: who is she Sanskar?
Sanskar: she is swara and swara she is Nikita my friend.
Nikita got shocked when he address her his friend
Swara: hello(smiles)
Nikita(fake smile): hi.
Sanskar: we will take leave Nikita
Saying this Sanskar held swara’s hand and left from there.
Nikita was angry and confused. And more over she was restless after seeing vermilion and mangalsutar which swara was wearing.
Nikita: I need to talk to Sanskar.

Swasan apartment:
Sanskar after dropping swara went to meet nikita.He had to explain her everything.
Nikita is already waiting for Sanskar as he had already informed her to come.
Then only he came and sit in front of her.
Nikita started shooting questions.
Nikita: who was she Sanskar and why u told her lie that u r my friend.
Sanskar: listen Nikita she is my wife.
Nikita: what?? U cheated me.
Sanskar: it’s not like that let me explain plzzz
Then Sanskar told her everything that how his mother emotionally blackmailed him and married him with swara.
Nikita: its means when u came from India u were married but still u didn’t told me.
Sanskar: yeah I was waiting for the right time.
Nikita: whatever u say but the fact can’t be denied that swara is your wife.
Saying this tears flowed from Nikita’s eyes.Sanskar felt bad seeing all this.
Nikita: its okay I will talk to dad.
Now Sanskar has the fear that shekar will break the partnership with his company and his company will be in lose.So to stop nikita he said
Sanskar: nikita this is forced marriage and I don’t love swara.
Nikita: then?
Sanskar: I will break mine and swara’s marriage as we don’t love each other.
Nikita was just staring him.
Sanskar(held her hand): I will not break engagement with u as I will leave swara so plzz don’t tell anyone.
Nikita: by doing this you are betraying her.
Sanskar: no I will tell her all this and I know she won’t have any problem.
Nikita nodded.
After coming out,
Nikita: plzz end all this soon.
Sanskar: don’t worry everything will be back to place.
Then they left to respective places.

Swasan Apartment:
Sanskar didn’t came whole day as he don’t want to face swara and at night he came and tap the door bell.
Swara opened the door with a smile.
Swara: hello
Sanskar(blankly): hi.
Sanskar looked around the house and it was beautifully decorated. For a second he thought that he came in wrong house.
Sanskar (thought): just within one day swara made house lively.
Swara: how is now arrangement of house .(excitedly)
Sanskar: nice.
Swara: u go and fresh up I will set the dinner.
Sanskar: I don’t want to have dinner.
He went to his room. Swara also didn’t give much attention and had her dinner while watching TV(swara is innocent not bechari that she will roam after him).

Swasan room:
Sanskar change into night wears and lie on the bed.
Sanskar (monologue): ohh god I didn’t dare to look in swara’s eyes otherwise my guilt will kill me. I told all that to Nikita just to save my company. I m doing wrong but every thing is fare in business. I will leave swara????
This mere question is enough to raise his heart beat. He heard swara coming so he pretend like sleeping.
Swara change into casuals and lie on her side of bed and soon slept as she was tired doing work all the day.
Mid night:
Sanskar wake up and felt hungry as he didn’t had lunch and dinner in all this tension. He got up and went to kitchen.
Swara also got up listening door opening sound. She went after him.

Sanskar is wandering what to eat.Then only he heard swara’s voice.
Swara: what happened Sanskar Ji?
Sanskar (turn): nothing but what are u doing here.
Swara: I thought u need something.
He don’t want to be near Swara so he said
Sanskar: I will get it myself.
Swara: I can help you.
Sanskar(angry): don’t rule me Swara leave me alone.
Swara(teary eyes): hmm.
She turn to leave when sanskar stopped her
Sanskar(closed his eyes): swara I m hungry.
She turn silently and started heating the food in oven.She didn’t utter a word.
Sanskar:hmm swara I m sorry.
Swara: its okay.
Sanskar: u r talking to me na?
Swara(smiles): hmm
Sanskar is fearing like a child that she will stop talking to him.
Swara serve him food and he had it.All the while Swara was sitting near him. Both were casually talking and then went to their room and slept.
To be continued….

Precap:Swara get to know that Nikita is Sanskar’s fiancée.

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