Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara thinking about jai and smiling seeing herself in the mirror. Ketki comes to her and asks her to return the earrings. Dhara gives it back. Ketki scolds her. She says if you get someone else’s thing, don’t think its yours. She says Dipika gave her earrings to you to wear it, don’t think she will help you again. She says Dipika trusts you but I don’t. She says don’t do this next time and don’t touch or see Dipika’s things. Else I will come and take it back from you, be in your limits else you won’t be able to stay in this house. Ketki leaves.

The next morning, Ansubaa and Parul are talking. Ansubaa is going to Ahmedabad. Parul says why are you going. Ansubaa says all the sarpaanchs are invited and we have to

go and discuss some plans. Ketki comes and keeps everything for Ansubaa. Ansubaa is happy with her. Parul smiles. Ansubaa says Aarvi’s mood was off yesterday on her birthday, I felt bad. She says explain Aarvi about Dilip’s work. Ketki says I explained her. Ketki goes to see Aarvi. Dhara is sweeping the hall and jai is with the kids.

Aarvi sees the gifts which she got on her birthday. Nanku asks Aarvi to ride on the cycle. Aarvi says I don’t know. jai says Dhara will teach you. Dhara says I will. Nanku says why, don’t you know how to ride it. jai says I know, but who will sit behind me. Aarvi makes some plan and asks Dhara to sit behind jai. She writes Dhara on all the chits so that jai sees Dhara’s name. Aarvi smiles. Ketki comes there smiling and is shocked to see Dhara with jai.

Ketki is annoyed. Aarvi asks Dhara to sit with jai. Ketki scolds Aarvi and asks her to come with her. jai says let her be, Aarvi is a kid. Ketki says I know but we have to explain her. She says Ansubaa wants to meet you and jai. jai says I will come soon, you go. jai asks Dhara to keep all the gifts in Aarvi’s room. He leaves. Nanku sees all the chits and says its your name in all the chits. Dhara is shocked and sees the chits. Nanku says why did Aarvi do this. Dhara says I know why she did this, but it won’t happen what you want.

Ketki brings Dipika in the kitchen and asks her to cook something for jai. Dipika is shy and smiles. Ketki says you have to take advantage of the situation. She says Ansubaa is going out, now you can become like Bhoomi. Dipika asks Ketki not to speak anything negative about anyone. Ketki says fine, now cook. Dipika says I don’t know cooking and I don’t know what jai likes. Ketki says he likes Chanepuri. Ketki teaches her how to cook and helps her in cooking.

Dilip comes to Ketki and says I don’t want tiffing today, as I m going out in afternoon. He leaves. Ketki is hurt by his behavior. She says I will go to him and come.

Ketki comes to Dilip and he gets angry on her, though she speaks normal to him. She talks about Aarvi. She says there is very less money in your account, why so. Dilip says who are you to ask me, its my money, I can spend it anywhere, I don’t have to give you explanation. Parul and Ramila see them fighting and are worried. Dilip scolds Ketki for questioning him about his money. Ketki says cool down. Dilip says how dare you ask me, enough now, see this is the reason why we got parted. He says I m fed up of your qquestions, you have crosses the limit. Dilip leaves. Ketki cries.

Dilip says what happened to me, why can’t I control my anger, even though jai explained me and I scolded Ketki again. He says I have to take care of myself, still there is time. He says Ketki and Aarvi are my responsibility and I can’t deny it. He talks to the Lord and apologizes to him for hurting Ketki and Aarvi. He says I won’t do this next time. Dipika is waiting in the kitchen. Dhara comes to her and helps her in making the dish. Dipika thanks her. Dhara says its ok. Dhara says its great to see you in kitchen. Dipika says I was cooking jai’s fav dish. Dhara gets upset.

Dhara says I forgot that he likes this dish a lot. She says add something else. Dipika says thanks for telling me. Dhara helps her further. Dhara says I have cut the cake yesterday instead of you, I did not know when Aarvi took my hand, I m sorry. Dipika says I know, its cool. Dhara thanks her. Dipika says you have to help me. Dipika comes to jai with the chanepuri. He likes the dish and says why did you do this. She says its good to cook for you. jai is happy to see chanepuri. She says I made this for the first time. He says so you are experimenting on me. She laughs. He tries the dish and says its very nice, perfect. Dipika is happy.

jai says one thing is missing. Dhara brings butter milk for him. Dipika smiles. She signs thumbs up to Dhara. jai says its not fair Dipika, you also have this. Dipika says no, I will eat later. Dhara says you eat with him, I will bring food for you. jai asks Dhara to bring the brith certificate of Nanku from the hospital. Dhara says ok and leaves. She sees Dipika and jai together talking and laughing and gets upset.

Dhara sees Dilip in the hospital with some lady and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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