Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone thinking will jai agree for his haldi. jai is shocked and thinks who has given such a big amount to Dhara, is she really marrying me for money. Aarvi comes to him and says everyone are waiting for you. jai goes with her. Rukmani praises Ansubaa. Ansubaa smiles. jai comes. Ansubaa tells him about the haldi ritual. jai says I told you I don’t want all this, I had to go to mandir with Dilip. Ansubaa says I know, but Dilip did not come yet from the mill. jai says I will go alone. Parul says you won’t go alone, haldi ritual won’t take much time, we will appky only some haldi.

jai says apply my haldi to Dhara. Dipika is angry. Rukmani applies haldi to jai. Everyone smile. Dhara looks on. Ketki is annoyed. Rukmani praises

Dhara saying she is my daughter. Dhara is happy. Rukmani asks everyone to apply haldi to jai. Everyone apply haldi to jai and Dhara. Rukmani saysthere is no fun, with no songs and dance. Ansubaa says not me. Rukmani initiates. Everyone laughs. Rukmani says no one is praising jai, why. Ansubaa praises jai in poetic style. Everyone claps. Ansubaa asks Rukmani to sing in english. Rukmani says fine, I will sing and you tell the meaning. Rukmani says some lines in english and asks Ansubaa to translate.

She pulls Ansubaa’s leg. Ansubaa says the right thing. They sing Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai……………. song. Dipika is irritated seeing this. Ansubaa also challenges Rukmani. They sing songs. Dhara laughs. Everyone are happy. Rukmani says I did not lose yet and the game goes on. jai looks at Dhara through the cloth and thinks can Dhara go this far for money. Ansubaa and Rukmani are at logger heads. Dhara looks at jai and smiles. Sajna Ve……………… plays………………

Dhara comes to her room and thinks of jai. She smiles. She imagines jai came to her and applied haldi to her. Aarvi comes and says everyone are calling you, come in the hall soon. Dhara touches her face. She comes in the hall. She is treated well by everyone. Parul asks Dhara to select jewellery for her. Rukmani makes the moment light. Komal says people choose same rings for the groom and bride. They talk about Avni and that she cannot come in jai’s marriage. Rukmani jokes. Everyone looks on. Dipika gets angry.

Rukmani says what did I say that you all became quiet. Parul shows some rings to jai. jai comes there and Parul makes him sit beside Dhara and asks him to select a ring for Dhara. jai is angry on Dhara and taunts her infront of everyone. He says Dhara likes costly rings, not cheap ones. Everyone look at jai. jai smiles looking at Dhara angrily. Dhara is shocked. Ketki is worried as jai is selecting a costly ring for Dhara. Parul asks Dhara to wear the ring and see. Dhara looks at the ring and wears it. She gets hurt by it. jai says I want Dhara to wear this ring. Dhara thinks of he wills, I can’t make him annoyed. jai gets Dilip’s call and he says I have to go to mandir with Dilip. I will come back soon. He leaves.

Dhara gets ready in bridal clothes. Dipika asks he what are you thinking. Dhara says I m very nervous, I m going to be a part of this house, I have big responsibility. Dipika asks her not to worry as seven months will pass by very soon. Dipika says my jai is with you. Dhara says you don’t worry, I will take good care of him and will return him after seven months. Ketki comes and taunts Dhara. Ketki says all this is not yours, everything is Dipika’s. Dhara promises them that she will leave thishouse after seven months and go away from jai’s life. Nanku hears this talk and is shocked.

jai meets with an accident. Dhara is tensed at home.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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