Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ansubaa stoping Kishan and Bhoomi. Ansubaa says I gave you my blessings before itself but have to give you something else too. Ansubaa says Dadaji loves him very much. When Kishan was young, Dadaji gave her this letter and said this is my wealth of life and I want to give this only to Kishan. Ansubaa says this is the right time to give you this amanat. She asks Parul’s consent, Parul agrees. Bharti thinks what might Dadaji had given to Kishan. Ketki says Kishan is leaving this house so he won’t be able to take Dadaji’s things as he is unable to fulfill the responsibility now. Dilip asks here to keep quiet as Ansubaa will take the decision. Ketki says Kishan bhai couldn’t fulfill the responsibility as he is leaving and to fulfill Dadaji’s responsibility, Kishan bhai have to break the promise made to Ramila kaki. Dilip asks her to keep quiet. Ankit says bhabhi is right and they have right on Dadaji’s property. Dilip says Kishan is the rightful owner of Dadaji’s things. Ramila says Ankit is right, Dilip is shocked.

Ansubaa says your mother is saying right, but first let me read this letter then will decide what to give to all. she reads Dadaji’s letter stating that “when you get this letter, your dadaji will not be with you. But my blessings will always be with you. I am giving you my dharohar. He asked Ansubaa to give charkha to Kishan, with which he stitch the first cloth. Kishan is emotional. He asked Ansubaa to give the stove to Kishan’s wife, as it was lucky for them. Dadaji asks her to give the palna to Kishan”. Ramila is unmoved while others are teary eyed.A Sanskaar plays in the background.

Ansubaa reads Dadaji’s letter.. Kishan is teary eyed and emotional, while the Sanskaar song plays. Dilip says Kishan is lucky to get Dadaji’s blessings. Ansubaa says you are leaving this house but you have to accept this dharohar (wealth) of your dadaji. Ketki wonders that she was fighting for this petty things. Kishan says he won everything today and will take Dadaji’s things. These things made me the richest man of this world. He says even I have Dadaji’s blessings with me, I am not bothered about anything. Whatever happened is for best. Parul cries badly while Kishan holds Dadaji’s letter. Karsan consoles Parul. Bhoomi and Kishan leaves the home sadly. Ketki is happy at the turn of events and starts dreaming. Kishan is unable to take it, he cries silently, Bhoomi keeps her hand on his shoulder to console him. Again Sanskaar song plays in the background. Kishan remembers all the happy moments and looks at his family again with tears in his eyes.

Ankit is in his room and day dreaming about becoming the MD, Hasmukh comes and says you started dreaming of becoming the MD, as soon as kishan left home. Ankit says you didn’t become the MD and now I will fulfill my dream and become the MD. Hasmukh says Dilip is elder to him but Ankit says he will only become MD. Hasmukh shows him stick and says you will get the punishments for your deeds. Hasmukh asks what happened to you. I thought you are useless, take this stick and beat me. Ankit asks why? Hasmukh says because I shouldn’t tell you useless. Hasmukh says I am proud of you, you are steps ahead of your brothers. Hasmukh says he was acting all the while. He will never say truth and the people who says truth will have to leave the house. Hasmukh says he don’t have any value outside the house, that’s why he started acting and changed himself. He says I changed the time. Ankit says you would have tell me. Hasmukh blesses him for his evil deeds. Ankit says he feels that you are acting. Hasmukh says he is showing his true self and says you fulfilled my dream. And nobody can stop us from ruling this house. Hasmukh smirks evilly.

Kishan marks the red line on the floor and says no one should cross this line. He says nobody shall come to them even if he died. Ramila looks satisfied now. Parul is in tears.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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