Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara seeing jai with the gifts and thinks for whom might he bought this gifts. Everyone are happy with Ketki’s suggestion that Dipika is the best girl for jai. Parul comes there and is shocked to know that everyone selected Dipika as jai’s to be wife. Dipika smiles. Ansubaa says Dipika also said yes and we also think Dipika has all the qualities. Karsan says she is educated and our relative. Ansubaa says till Parul says yes, we won’t take the talk forward. Parul is speechless. Ketki thinks why is she taking so much time. Parul thinks that she gave her word to Dhara. She gets upset and Ansubaa asks Parul, are you not convinced, is it your no. Dhara comes there and says why will she say no. Parul looks at her. Dhara smiles and says

Dipika is the best.

She says I have heard about Bhoomi and only Dipika can take her place. Dhara says jai and Dipika will suit each other. Everyone smile. Paril looks at Dhara and Dhara asks her to say yes. Parul looks at Dipika and Dhara together and sees Dhara smiling. She agrees and Ansubaa and everyone smile. Ansubaa says now Parul said yes, not we have to convince jai. Ansubaa asks Dhara to call jai. Dhara leaves seeing Parul. Dhara cries and leaves outside the room. She comes to jai and sees him packing the gifts. She sees his photo with Bhoomi and imagines Dipika.

She says Ketki is right, Dipika will take Bhoomi’s place. jai asks Dhara to help him in packing gifts. She says Ansubaa calls you. He says why. She says I don’t know. He says do the packing well. Dhara says are these gifts for Aarvi. He says yes, its her birthday. She says I thought… He asks what. She says nothing, you go down, I will pack these. jai leaves. Everyone talk to jai about his and Dipika’s marriage. Ansubaa praises Dipika and she smiles. jai is shocked and looks at Dipika. He says did you ask her. Ansubaa says yes, she is ready for the marriage. Ansubaa says we all feel she deserves you, but you have to decide, if you say no, we won’t feel bad as its about your lives.

Everyone gets tensed to know about jai’s decision. jai thinks about it and Dhara is in his room packing the gifts and crying. She says Kishan ji, make the decision for jai in which he gets happiness. Ansubaa asks jai about his decision. jai agrees with everyone. Dhara gets hurt. Everyone are happy with jai’s decision. Dipika smiles looking at jai. Parul is quiet. Ansubaa talks to Parul saying we got the happiness after six years. Ketki asks Dipika to greet everyone touching their feet. Dipika takes everyone’s blessings. Ansubaa asks Karsan to inform Dipika’s dad about this.

jai comes to Ketki and talks to her saying I am marrying Dipika only for family’s happiness, but I won’t be able to give her the place that Bhoomi’s had. I have on condition that I won’t regard her as my wife, she is my good friend, but I can’t help it. Ketki is shocked. he says I want Dipika to know this, I don’t want to keep this from her. Ketki says Dipika knows. He says I want to talk to Dipika alone. Ketki says I will talk to her, jai says make it clear to her. He says she can say no to this proposal. Ketki thinks I m not a fool to tell all this to Dipika. jai says you did not say anything. Ketki says leave all that on me, I will take care. jai leaves. Ketki says once marriage happens, then I will take care.

jai comes in the hall and everyone are happy with his decision. Hasmukh talks to jiten (Dipika’s dad) and asks him to talk to Ansubaa. She tells him about jai and Dipika’s proposal. jiten is happy and agrees for it. Ansubaa says Dipika said yes and needs your blessings. jiten says I m ready for it. She says then come soon so that we can decide the proposal well. Ansubaa tells everyone that jiten said yes, now call the pandit to fix the marriage date.

Ketki brings sweets for everyone. Ansubaa asks her to have the sweets first as she is the one who brought the proposal. Ansubaa asks Dhara to have sweets and Dhara pretends to be happy. Dhara says congrats to them, Parul looks at Dhara. Dhara gives sweets to everyone and Parul cries seeing her. The sweets fall from Dhara’s hand and jai looks at her. Everyone are shocked. Karsan asks her to pick the sweets. Dhara picks it up and cries seeing jai. Parul sees her crying and is helpless.

Parul talks to Dhara about jai. Dhara says I preach him like I do to Lord.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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