Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai and Dhara leaving for Mumbai. jai talks to Dilip. Dilip says talk to me on phone later, you guys leave now. Dipika looks at Dhara’s bag and smiles. Jai and Dhara leave from the house. The next scene shows Mumbai. Dhara is happy to see Mumbai. She smiles and talks to jai. jai is annoyed. They reach the hotel. jai checks in the hotel and comes to know only one room is booked. He says can you book one more room now. The man says sorry, all rooms are booked. Dilip calls jai and asks did you reach hotel. jai says yes, and asks why did you book only one room.

Dilip says I m so sorry. Dilip asks him to adjust as its a matter of only three days. Parul talks to jai and asks him to remember that Dhara is there for the first time, so

take care of her well. She asks how is Dhara. jai gives the phone to Dhara. Dhara is excited and talks to Parul happily. She follows jai and they come to their room. Dhara says the room is very big. Parul says now I m not worried about jai. Dhara asks jai what will we do without partition int his room. She says don’t worry, I will make the partition. jai says its not required.

Dhara says I want it. jai says even I want it, let me think. Dhara says can I help you in thinking. He says are you pulling my leg, I can do it alone. She asks what will happen if we divide this room, will you be able to make me away from you. jai says I won’t answer you. Dhara opens her bag and says look here, this is not my bag. jai says what. She says these are not my clothes. She shows him nighties. jai thinks that its Sheetal’s bag that got exchanged. Dhara says what to do now. jai says I will call Tewur. She asks what to wear now. He says wear anything. Dhara says these clothes are very small.

jai calls room service and asks for a rope. He asks Dhara to wear Sheetal’s clothes. He asks for Rassi and the waiter brings Lassi. The waiter says we won’t give Rassi as someone committed suicide. jai asks Dhara to come out. She is dressed in a nightsuit. He is shocked to see her. She covers herself in the blanket. Sajna Ve………. plays…………. He says what are you doing. She says there are no proper clothes. He gives her his clothes and asks her to change. He turns.

Dipika laughs in her room thinking what will Dhara do now. She thinks jai will be irritated with Dhara. Chandrika hears her laughing and talks to her. Chandrika tells her about Bhoomi and how educated she was. Dipika says I know. Chandrika says why did jai marry an uneducated Dhara. Dipika says the situation was like that he had to marry her. Chandrika asks do you anyone in your life. Dipika says yes, its jai. Chandrika is shocked.

Dhara wears jai’s clothes and smiles seeing him sleeping. She rests by his side. Its morning, Parul asks for Nanku and Aarvi. Lily makes their tiffins packed. Nanku praises Dhara and this annoys Ketki and Dipika. Parul says I will talk to Dhara after we finish our work. Dipika thinks even I want to know about Dhara. Dhara wears Sheetal’s dress and jai asks Madam who are you. She turns. Sajna Ve…………. plays…………….. He looks at her carefully wiping his eyes.

jai compliments Dhara seeing her wearing Sheetal’s dress. Dipika says we will talk to jai online. Ketki says Dipika is Bhoomi’s xerox copy. Dipika talks to jai online. Everyone talk to jai. Dipika is happy thinking Dhara would be itching herself. Everyone ask where is Dhara. jai says its Dhara behind me. They are happy to see her fine and in suit. Lily says Dhara is looking so beautiful. Dipika is shocked to see Dhara fine. Dipika thinks how can Dhara get safe this time, how can she be normal. Dhara smiles.

jai asks Dhara not to be with him, and stay outside the conference hall.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. Plz chnge the attitude of jay towards dhara…plz make it positive…

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