Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Hasmukh talking to Ramila and showing her the video of Chandrika. Ramila says she is not acting, she has really become blind. He says no, she is not blind, she is playing a big game with us, she is getting hurt only to get our sympathy, the story is something else. Ramila says you are mistaken. He says I will prove it that Chandrika is acting whatever happens, I will bring out her truth infront of everyone. She asks what do you want to do, I m afraid that you do anything wrong. He says I m thinking what to do.

Dipika talks to Ketki about Dhara and jai going on honeymoon. Ketki asks her to control her anger and be sweet towards Dhara. Dipika says I don’t care about anyone, I won’t let jai go to Mumbai with Dhara at any cost. jai talks to Dhara and says we are going to Mumbai only for work purpose, I m taking you with me as everyone wants, I m telling this so that you don’t start dreaming about honeymoon. Dhara says fine. He says its a business trip, thats it, ok. Dhara thinks why is he telling me this. He asks her to reply and says I m telling you that you should not be mistaken.

She asks about what. He says you leave it, you won’t understand. He asks her to say something and not irritate him. She says shall we sleep now, we have to get early tomorrow. He says yes I forgot you will decide even this, remember what I told you. She is silent. He is annoyed with her. He asks her to sleep. She nods yes. jai and Dhara are ready. Tewur(jai’s friend) comes with his wife Sheetal. He greets Parul and takes her blessings.

jai is happy seeing his friend. Sheetal says I was excited to meet you as Tewur takes your name a lot, he likes the food made by Parul. Tewur jokes. Parul welcomes them inside the house. Everyone come and talk to him. Sheetal asks is there any function, with so many guests. Parul says they are not guests, we are family who stay together. Sheetal is amazed. Hasmukh says there are many such families. Tewur says my in laws live separate. Sheetal says introduce me to everyone. jai says I will do that and he introduces everyone. She asks about Dhara. jai says she is Dhara. Dipika comes and hears this. They ask who is she. Dhara says I m his wife. Everyone smile. jai looks at Dhara.

Tewur says so this is it, its nice surprise. Sheetal says why did jai not invite us in his marriage. jai says it happened on short notice. Tewur congratulates Dhara. She says Thank you. Sheetal says it looks you are newly married, but seeing you both together, it looks like you have been married for right to ten years. Sheetal jokes and says what about your honeymoon plans. Tewur says come with us, it will be fun. Aarvi says they are going to Mumbai. Tewur is happy seeing Aarvi and asks who is Nanku. Dhara says he is my brother. Nanku asks whats honeymoon. Aarvi says she knows. Sheetal laughs.

Aarvi explains whats honeymoon. Nanku jokes and everyone laughs. Aarvi says I saw in films. jai asks Tewur to go and freshen up. Parul says freshen up, I will arrange food. Dhara takes them to the guest room. Dipika gets angry and plans to hurt Dhara. She puts water in oil so that it blows on Dhara and she gets burnt by hot oil. Lily tells Dipika that everyone are not at home and Ketki is busy with the guests. Dipika smiles and says I have some time now.

Dipika thinks now Dhara won’t be able to go to Mumbai. Dhara comes in the kitchen. Dipika talks to her sweetly and leaves. Dhara starts cooking in the hot oil and oil blows high on her. She gets hurt and shouts. Parul comes to her and asks what happened. She cares for her. jai comes and looks at Dhara. Ketki asks how did this happened. Lily says the utensil was dry, I remember. Parul says its fine, and asks Dhara to go and rest. Sheetal asks Tewur to bring her first aid box. Ketki says jai and Dhara have to leave for Mumbai, but this happened, how will they go now, Dhara should not go to Mumbai. Dhara looks at Ketki and says I m fine, I will go to Mumbai, Dipika is shocked.

Parul smiles. Dhara says I want to see Mumbai. Parul blesses Dhara. Dhara says I m sure its not Lily’s mistake and looks at Ketki and Dipika.

Dipika puts itching powder in Dhara’s clothes so that she could not go to Mumbai.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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