Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kishan asking Bhoomi, why she didn’t tell him anything about Avni wearing her clothes in the college. Bhoomi says she wasn’t aware of it and when she saw her photo in that dress, she asked Avni to delete that pic. She says she don’t know anything when she wore that dress and why she took the photo in that dress. Bhoomi wonders how her photo got published in the magazine. Bhoomi tells him that she came to asked for clothes and how she gave her. Kishan remembers in a flashback. Bhoomi says she didn’t even know about which dress she took from her suitcase. Kishan says you should have tell the truth to everyone. Bhoomi says whatever she did was to save Avni and asks Kishan, whether she did right. Kishan says yes, but we have to tell everything to Ansubaa. He decides to talk to Ansubaa.

Bharti says nothing will be good, how hard Bhoomi tries. She tells Akshay something which is muted for us. she tells Akshay to give shock to all the vaishnav’s. Ankit comes and says he is also a Vaishnav. He asks her plans. Bharti says she will tell her moves when the right time comes. She says you will soon become the MD. Karsan and Parul discusses about Bhoomi’s fault, Parul says she don’t accept that Bhoomi can do such a thing. Karsan says Bhoomi did cheat on them. Dilip comes and tells that Ansubaa wants to talk to everyone. Kishan tells Ansubaa that Bhoomi is not at fault. Mayank says he will not agree to him. Ketki says Avni is childish but Bhoomi is mature enough. Kishan says Bhoomi makes him understand the issue. Ramila says you are covering up her mistakes. Ramila gets angry on Bhoomi and says Avni is the daughter of the house. We always supported you and Bhoomi and Bhoomi didn’t fulfill her duty towards the house. Hasmukh asks Kishan to tell the truth. Kishan remembers Bhoomi’s words that Mayank kaka will be very angry on Avni if he gets to know that Avni wore that dress with her own wish. Kishan says Bhoomi is not at fault as the girls wear such clothes. Mayank says he is right and your wife is wrong. Karsan also agrees. Ansubaa stops them and says rules are same for everyone. She says she will punish Bhoomi now.

Bhoomi is on call with Nans. Nans says you should have tell this to Kishan. You did a mistake. Bhoomi says everyone is tensed and upset with me. Nans asks her to talk to Ansubaa and try to explain. Nans says everything will be fine. Ketki comes and says Ansubaa called you. Nans says have strength. She cancels the call. Bharti shows fake concern towards Bhoomi. bhoomi goes to Ansubaa who says I know whatever you did was not intentional and asks Kishan to tell her verdict to Bhoomi. Kishan says whatever happened is because of you, that’s why Baa took away the right( to give her first bite) from her. Bhoomi is shocked while Bharti is happy and so is ketki. Bhoomi says I am your culprit and I deserves this punishment.

Bhoomi cries in her room, feeling pained to get the punishement for the mistakes she hadn’t done. Kishan says sorry and says we will bear the punishment. Lily fayi comes and says thanks to Bhoomi. She says I know you didn’t asks Avni to wear that dress. Kishan says Bhoomi make Avni realise her mistake but don’t know how the photo got published in the magazine. Kishan says he will save Bhoomi and Avni and wonders who published her photo. He is determined to know the truth.

Akshay comes to Avni’s room and tells her that he wants to marry her. Bhoomi enters and hears everything. She gets shocked….

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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