Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kishan showing the dresses design to Bharti on the laptop. she says it looks beautiful and asks for Bhoomi’s suggestion. Bhoomi looks on. Bharti asks him to get every arrangement of her marriage. Kishan assures her that everything will be good and shows her some saree designs. Bharti praises the designs and asks Ankit to get up so that she can have a look. Ankit gets annoyed, Bhoomi sees him. Ankit says that even he is getting married and this preparation is for “their” marriage. He leaves. Kishan wonders what happened to Ankit suddenly. Bharti says may be he got upset with me. She decides to talk to him and tells Kishan not to worry. She says she knows how to convince him and if needed, she will say sorry. She acts as if she is

caring and loving towards Ankit. She leaves.

Kishan says Ankit got such a good girl and he don’t value her. Bhoomi says may be Ankit got upset with her. Kishan says Ankit is behaving irresponsible. Bhoomi says, this marriage seems to be happening against his wish. Kishan says Ansubaa didn’t force him and it was only his decision. Bhoomi asks Kishan to talk to Ankit, but he dismisses her thoughts and says it is enough. Bhoomi thinks Bharti will do something which they never think about and decides to stop her.

Bharti comes to Ankit and gives him kajal and asks him to put it on the moustache. She yells at him for the scene he did infront of Kishan and Bhoomi. she says your one mistake can fail my plan. Ankit says you and your plan can go to hell. He asks her to do everything with his consent. He says he don’t like her talking with Kishan. Bharti tells that she is favouring on him by marrying him. She says you will not get a place in mandir and threatens him to tell his truth to his family. Ankit says how you will prove? Bharti threatens him further and says she will give the phone number to the police as he called kaka pretending to be the kidnapper and asked the ransom for releasing Bhoomi. Ankit asks her to do what she wants, he says he didn’t fear her. Ankit says your truth will come out too. Bharti says you will be out of this house. Bhoomi comes and listens to their conversation at this point. Bharti says you will not get any share in the property if you mess with me. She asks him to do as she says, which is muted for us. Bhoomi hears it and gets shocked. She thinks Ankit is helping Bharti in her plan.

Avni comes to Akshay and says sorry. She says she will try, Akshay asks her to showcase her talent on the stage. He shows her some magazine and asks her to wear western modern clothes. Avni says her family is conservative, but falls in akshay’s trap and decides to go for the western look. Akshay calls Bharti and gives her good news that your friend will now see the world with my eyes and obey me. Bharti says it’s good.

Bharti asks Avni about the day at college. Avni says it was good. Bharti enquires further, Avni asks where can she find the western clothes in Keshav garh as her friend needs it. Bharti says it is difficult to get such clothes here and have to go to the city to get it. Bharti says we can get help from Bhoomi as she might have such clothes. Avni says she will talk to Bhoomi. After Avni leaves, Bharti calls Akshay and says Avni will get western clothes and now it is your turn. Akshay says he will see her tomorrow.

Bhoomi remembers Bharti’s words and wonders that she would have share her feelings with parul maa. She feels helpless. Avni comes and asks for the western clothes. Bhoomi asks do you need for the fashion show. Kishan comes and asks her to finalise his clothes and all. Bhoomi shows her suitcase and tells her to take whatever she likes. Bhoomi leaves as Kishan is calling her.

As the family is selecting their clothes, Ramila asks Bharti to sit along with them. Ketki selects the designs for Dilip, and wonders if dilip will like it. To her surprise, Dilip likes the dress selected by her.

As Ankit is selecting his wedding dress, Bharti asks him to select some other dress. He asks for Kishan’s opinion. Kishan jokes that Bharti is controlling Ankit before marriage itself, he smiles. Ketki says she is there to support her sister in law along with Bhoomi. Bharti smiles. Bhoomi asks Ankit to get his choice of clothes and he is to wear it ultimately. Ankit politely refuses and says Bharti is right. Ankit leaves citing he needs to make an urgent call. Bhoomi follows him, Ankit asks you are here? Bhoomi asks him to say truly if he is really happy or not with his marriage decision. She tells him to say straightly, so that she can help him. At first Ankit says he is happy. Bhoomi says that Bharti is dominating him and she noticed it. Ankit gets angry and says that he don’t want to get marry to Bharti. The episode ends on Bhoomi’s shocked face.

Bhoomi tells Kishan that Ankit wants to talk to him. Ankit hesitantly says that he is not marrying Bharti with his wish.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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